Breaking Down Everything in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ | Conspiracy Corner

SPOILER WARNING: We’re back in the Conspiracy Corner with Resident Old, Khal and The Summer Man, Frazier with special guest Chopz.Subscribe to …




  1. Thanos prob started to do things on his on because the ancient one and Odin died leaving the earth vulnerable

  2. Thor and Strange were the standouts to me, Strange gave up the time stone to save Tony because he knows that’s only way to beat Thanos… I fuck with this though, keep em coming

  3. please dont talk about shit u know nothing about. no hate its just all i heard was bs, not only did the doctor strange shit make me cringe because him giving up the time stone smart because he was the only one who saw all the outcomes of what would happen and because he gave it up hes probably going along with what happened in the one timeline they win where tony saves everyone

  4. Chops needs to clean up that thing on his face and try a different style of shirt, cuz that style ain’t working on him.

  5. Wish this was longer (PAUSE) I wanted to hear what they think is going to happen in Avengers 4 aside from the Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange shit

  6. The biggest “you played yourself” goes to me, for actually sitting here for damn near 20 minuets … you guy were so off topic, bouncing from place top place. Never again.

  7. Y’all Horrible With Comic Reviews Y’all Named Two Of The MVP’s A Ho. Keep This And ReWatch It Next Year After Avengers 4 🤦🏾‍♂️

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