Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory Bullcrap

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  1. Hi Mike, I like your debunking video on Sandy Hook Shooting cos addressed all of the claims about the Sansy Hook conspiracy. However for this debunking effort, you only addressed two minor points about the facebook page and that one particular website. Can you address the points about the "crisis actors" thing, the blood splatter all over people after they're evacuated, the deliberately-spraying dust all over the victim and fiuh I lost counts. I was looking for videos debunking the Boston Bombing Hoax because I dont want to believe the hoax but so far no debunking videos has actually debunked it satisfactorily. 

  2. How much you getting paid to spew your BS for the system.You're so full of shit i can smell you threw my computer you're the only moron name caller on here. 

  3. Why do all debunker vids start by calling truth seekers morons? I listened to the first 2 minutes and that was enough. Lets have debate and reasoning not abuse. It destroys any credibility you may have had to start with.

  4. I watched YOUR video.  You complain about the hits the "conspiracy" posters get,     but look at you.  You have 86,000 + hits and a 50% thumbs down.  It's because you give no real facts or evidence to support your claims. Its just YOUR opinion and ramblings.  The evidence and facts show the truth.  Below this are my facts backed by knowledge and experience that prove these people are previous amputees. Who cares about facebook pages. The proof is in the event itself!   You seem to think your leaders are all Sunday school teachers and would never lie or deceive the people to reach their goals.  I challenge you and everybody for that matter to go to this web site.  "what really happened". of course you must remove the spaces and ad the com of course.  At the top of that page is a link called OF THE LIARS, BY THE LIARS, AND FOR THE LIARS.  It will shock you what our government has been doing for decades.  This article is backed by SOLID EVIDENCE AND FACTS.  You are on your own after that.  Decide for yourself

  5. Pipit anticonspiracy theorists won´t accept common sense because they´re retarded. That´s why. Retarded people don´t think like people who´re not retarded. They think way differently. That is why most of them won´t make it beyond high school.

  6. Hey, WTF..whats with the fucked up dates on this one bud…? Also way too much insulting going on for me to stay tuned into anymore..

  7. Mark could you please tell me what the #1 religion practiced by people who live in the area where Sandy Hook took place is? Can you try to find out as I am just curious and heard something from my college roommate who oddly enough, grew up there and I hope she was wrong, I do not know how I would begin to research that. Thanks either way for searching for the truth.

  8. This is mostly just a useless tirade of insults. Personally, I never rated the facebook page dates as credible evidence – I agree here – but there are many far more important suspicions about the official stories This video is a waste of time.

  9. Mark dice is a undercover agent working for the feds trying to cover up the truth 🙂 I mean look at his picture its screams " I LOVE TYRANNY! " haha

  10. Mark..I dont know about the Facebook thing, but have you seen the actual video footage from the so called 'bombing'? people from the middle of the bombing had their pants blown off?and not a scratch on them? one guy slipped and actually called two suspects actors. i dont want to jump the gun and come off as ignorant but the whole thing stinks and seems really contrived. I really hope you are preparing a video!I like your videos and really want your view on this! 

  11. People can change name of their Facebook up to 3 times so it's possible they changed it just to get hits. Also, people can manipulate the dates on FB

  12. So just to confirm, youre saying like for example the sandy hook funding website they say was created 1 to 2 days before the shooting, this didn't really happen?. Im not very good with computers. you hear things like you say half truths you don't know what to believe anymore.  But I do like asking questions and not just follow illusions.

  13. The implication that the tiny portion of evidence you used is the 4chan conspiracy fags… Ill leave you with this, how does fbi say "don't look into anything else… Just these guys" and you find it alright that your investigative police could actually not investigate… Your the Moron asshat

  14. I think Mark is just testing if his listeners are actually thinking.  His arguments are typical shill arguments.  I think you people just aren't getting the joke.  He is either testing some meta-humor that is going above your head, or he really wants to see if the people watching are idiots.  I'm surprised he hasn't retracted this or ellaborated on it.


  16. All I have to say is that you should watch your own videos and then decide for yourself if your a credable source or not and if you, Mark Dice, find that you are a credable person worth listening to then go ahead and step back and fuck your own face. You present no facts in this or anyone of your videos. you just go off of what the conspiriters alledge and then you call them Crackheads and Morons trying to dis-credit them. Im not saying you can't be a Conspiracy Debunker, totally fine if you wanna be the douche trying to convience people that these "Crackheads" are just that, Crackheads, and also according to you these Crackheads have no value to mainstream society and are just worthless Zombies, So in the end why even bother with this, if their really crazy mother fuckers people with common sense will realize that and move on, they don't need your help. So just present your facts and findings and let the people decide, but don't use a fucking childish goof troop voice and an overall sense of outrage towards these ideas just because you think their outlandish. 9/11 inside job, war on terror fake, What is terror anyway. Terror is an emotion/feeling and you can't start a war on that, just like you can't start a war on depression and if by some reason you did, that war would never end like some sort of endless non-directional movement, which is what the war on terror is an endless charade with no motive. Boston Bombing false flag operation and a bad one at that, sandy hook, I mean do you even believe yourself on that one. you could even bring columbine in on this a MK Ultra planned operation. MK ULTRA itself for that matter. The god damn Denver airport. the Illuminati. HAARP. Aliens. Fucking bigfoot. reptillians. megaladon, Mermaids, flouride in our water, the bermuda triangle, The Federal Reserve, the NWO, JFK assassination, the moon landing, Fuck, the Titanic was actually the Olympic and they sunk that shit on purpose for insurance money. My point is that there are endless cospiracy's out there and if you made it your lifes work to go around and debunk all of these with no facts and the mentality of that of a Jackass, with no facts, then someone BIG must be bankrolling you…aka the government. Which means your a sleezy government issued Cocksucker and that you should die in the vary same hole that you are currently creating for yourself with all these videos. Seek the truth, Find the truth, Live the truth.
    SIDE NOTE, phage74 you're an idiot, of course his listeners arn't thinking because they don't think for themselves they just listen to what this douche has to say and they go along with it like slaves. There is no meta-humor or underlying reason to this video he cannot retract or elaborate on this because there is no structure associated with it. Only 15 mins and 45 seconds of a pointless rant that goes in circles. also this guy doesn't have the mental strength or capacity to put anything over anyones head, he reads a script that a think tank puts together then he goes home and bangs his ugly wife that cheats on him regularly with other jackasses, because it makes her feel alive. and when the NWO takes over he'll just be another patsie licking the boot heel of the elite for another few years of his shitty existence. FUCK THE CORPORATE SYSTEM AND FUCK THE GOVRENMENT. 

  17. Wow – You got a lot of thumbs down Mark. Someone commented in yahoo that some of these conspiracy videos get watched a lot and get lots of thumbs up, therefore they are true. HUH? Because people like my video it must be true? – "Here's a video of me arm wrestling bigfoot and I win." So if 1,000,000 people see it and I get 400,000 thumbs up and only 50,000 thumbs down I guess it's authentic. – This is the mentality of some of our conspiraholics.

  18. goverment trolls will say anything their told, after the revolution, your lies will cost you dearly. tons of evidence says, they should have hired better actors. even a forthgrader can see bullshit msm stories.

  19. The Elite often announce things ahead of time and a lot of these false flag participants know people will not notice if they do it early. Hence why you see blatantly photoshopped pics on facebook pages with donation links, like Cassidy Stay. Not saying I can prove it, but an awful lot of people claim to have seen the exact same things, like facebook pages early in relation to Sandy Hook, even showing Adam Lanza's death showing up in the SS death index on Dec 13, then being corrected to the 14th. I wouldn't rule it out. It's not like the public in large part would ever notice, they're too dumb. They can't even notice blatant green screens. So it's not that the Illuminati are dumb, but the people are. Again, I am not saying that the pages were put up early, I do not have that evidence, but it would definitely fit an apparent pattern of this happening, and the public is too stupid to figure it out if it were.

    Many things have been reported early, sometimes by "accident", like Jane Standley reporting bldg 7 falling while it was behind her.

  20. Sorry one more.. all you fucking pleb ass morons who talked shit about mark dice 3 years ago are absolutely brain dead! You are all damn stupid! It's the truth Mark Dice was telling us about these terrorists years ago and you were all blind ass liberals

  21. since this Dice Character has made his name climbing up the "divisive ladder" by name-calling and you can't seem to get them to l;isten unless you get onto their juvenile level, before I make my comments, let me get on his level./ Dice is a sawed-off pecker wood that that is a used vitamin salesman and who sucks the teet of the growing divisive money to be had. He eats shit for breakfast. But i find himself in agreement . although attacking the facebook page thing is a strawman argument, it doesnt really matter. The fact is that regardless of wherether the bombs were real or not, the media reported this whole affair upseide down and backwards. watch THE BOSTON UNBOMBING and see for yourself. or just stick your head in the sand and ride the NWO out to the bitter end. 400 people beat the planet earth.

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