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  1. I totally believe in this shit and it makes me hate this world even more. I used to believe in reincarnation and to a point I still do but dear god, I hope it doesn't happen or we have a choice because I don't want to come back. I'd rather be a ghost and not have to deal with the crap of the world anymore.

  2. But why would he announce everyone publicly that he is going to expose the secret. Obviously if he knew alot about them he'd also have been aware that they will be after him. Like if it was me, I would have used others ways, backed up my infos on other ppl, film a video and post it online so that it cannot be completely cleaned out. Atleast someone would get to know it

  3. I believe you shouldn't be afraid if it happens for you
    to be in the same place as Max and go into depression or just act depressive … and yh … light magic ( white magic) it's when you wake up and begin to doubt everything . I actually have been thru this and i dnt feel like saying anything anymore…

  4. his last interview where he claims mind control he is hella high on heroin. heroin makes you throw up, esp real shit heroin. poland has dark beer and other non alcoholic fermented drinks. his behaviour is very reminiscent of later onset schizophrenia. speaking as psych and drug expert.
    i study duality, and esoteric shit. im not saying his case isnt weird. I am saying there are reasonable explanations here. I firmass believe jack parsons lab exlosion was an attempted cross over and buy the possibility of his success.
    ive been to fairy places in england and as a child had a perculiar tree though ive never had an experience, my mom had an insane one when my father crashed a car he was driving home from turkey back to russia, she heard the exact words of the exact part of the car that he says malfunctioned, went to church next day (jewish but hella old rus important town (vladimir for russofiles) so hardcore anti-semitism. no community, got asylum in us cause it got violent on us) gets physically tuned away from statue of peter towards this hidden off alcove for mary to ask for her children not to be orphans. church was closed twice or thrice over when she went too.
    and these days she wakes at 3 like a trooper, she sleeps in my room, hardcore phys pain treatment and i see nothing. but we are mid community and house is full of holy books and every door jamb in jewish household has protection on it soooooooo.
    oops i lie, i did have an … oddity… i tried magic as a teen with milk honey wine rose petals several times and once the ashtray blew up but i did add room temp liquid on a hot glass surface, bu right after i jumped up to turn on my lights and they blew too and man it was middle of the night i dont remember but i think i just went to bed. nothing happened but that room was under a deck and always was iffy dark, i moved into one across the hall when my bro left but for the tv and computer i could sneak watch. orthodox community was not my thing

  5. Throwing up something black has to be something due to black magic… there is no way how he could throw up a black liquid. I also agree that the government is controlling us…. but I think on ways of sublimations… People use sublimation some stores use it on the speaker to make customers buy things… the government is truly evil

  6. My mom has messed with witchcraft (not black magic just witchcraft with the Grantreaper) and it's some scary stuff… it's not fun at all, after that I had been seeing dark shadows, weird noises, and all that weird stuff.

  7. When she said "new world order" I fucking lost it because I did a play call "new world disorder" and my play was sort of like that 😢

  8. The fact that they did not investigated his death even when his own family asked for it, that looks suspicious to me. I feel that no matter from what causes someone died from, if the family asked for the investigation, that's what they should get.

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