Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Claims Stephen Hawking Was Replaced With A Lookalike

Bizarre conspiracy theory claims Stephen Hawking was replaced with a lookalike. We take a look a look at the Stephen Hawking theory. Few people emerge from the fields of cosmology and theoretical…




  1. to further the worship of cosmology and heliocentric belief the devils created this thing called hawking! no matter how much falsehood is propagated it always perishes In front of the truth.

  2. I know this sounds crazy but I believe it can happen .Anyone who has had ALS does not live that long .I think Hawkins died back in the 80s and everyone ( Govement ) was trying to cover it up it's very plasable .They replaced Hawkins many years ago and just recently the imposter had passed away .The only way to prove if that was the real Steven Hawkins is to do a DNA test .But that will never happen .I know it sounds crazy but anything can happen .

  3. Interesting theory but the features are similar. The jaw got smaller because he lost teeth and muscle/bone mass from lack of use. You can’t have such a wide range of matching attributes and not be the person. For example the shape of the ears match both left and right + the nose + the lips + the eyes + eye color + facial muscle distribution etc…

  4. I have a dream that one day people will stop believing in bullshit they read in 2000+ year old book ripped off by The Quran and Dead sea scrolls, mixed with paintings of Cesar Borgia and Zeus and Krishna & the Roman sun God. I swear everyone is sheep. I bet if I told you You're really dead and the TV is reality you would believe it for fuck sakes. The saddest part is Hawking couldn't do anything to keep our society from becoming so retarded to eat Tide Pods and Believe everything anyone says repeatedly cause our brains can be programmed and manipulated into believing bollocks if drilled into it long enough.

  5. Ok… but why would they replace him? What purpose does that serve? None? ok then.
    Im all up for conspiracy theories but there needs to be motive, where's the motive?
    This idea iz dum.

  6. recall a story of some guy with a wifi jammer and during one of Hawkings speeches, he jammed the area, for 15 minutes it was no communication, guys in black suits out of nowhere were looking in the crowd, the event was cancelled. of course this was a inet story but if true you wouldn't hear it in the media anyway, they needed that "look what that smart guys says" to socially engineer you sheep.

  7. I’ve always thought of that possibility but kept it to myself. Actually think about it, knowing the government they would take advantage of his condition and write whatever they wanted on his computer for him to say. Why wouldn’t they do that, it’s a perfect setup & sometimes were too easily fooled. The old trick are sometimes the best just hide it right under our noses.

  8. Poor vegetable guy shuffled around in an rc chair and a remotely placed operator for his voice machine… Making the world believe what they want you to.
    I cannot believe people actually bought into this so whole heartedly! Just… wow! How far humanity's true intelligence has fallen!

  9. I have wondered why the equipment used to provide speech isn't promoted or bragged about for other disabled people even if from purely marketing angle they are a consumer group & one can imagine if funds available clear & precise communication would be highly desirable

  10. WHY? What would be the motivation to try such a hoax? I love a good conspiracy as well as anyone, but this one escapes me.

  11. Actually no one can predict the end of the world only God knows the end time minute second day and year so this is bullcrap if have ever red the Bible it says "Only God knows the Day the world will end" so it's actually possible that this is true but only God knows what will happen okay

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