Bill ‘rapist,’ Hillary ‘enforcer,’ new book charges

war-on-womenNEW YORK – Roger Stone and Robert Morrow’s new book, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” could rock Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with further evidence that former President Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and that the former first lady and secretary of state has worked behind the scenes to silence the victims.

“This book doesn’t focus on Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater, or the Clinton pardons. Instead, it’s about the many, many ways in which the Clintons have been tied to sexual abuse, cover-ups, strong-arm tactics, drugs, lies, and the intimidation of victims,” Stone wrote in the introduction, laying out the case against the Clintons.

“As Bill and Hillary have climbed to power, the people left in their wake have been silenced – until now.”

Stone says the Clintons’ activities “have not only included Bill’s physical rape of women, but also Hillary’s degradation and psychological rape of women whom Bill has assaulted.”

“The Clintons’ War on Women” is available now at the WND Superstore

In the forward, Kathleen Willey, author of the 2007 WND Books expose “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton,” wrote: “Every woman Hillary has found to be a threat to her and her husband’s political capital has been subjected to choreographed investigations and terror campaigns.”

Willey claims Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in the Oval Office, only to have Hillary Clinton attempt to discredit and intimidate her after she was subpoenaed to testify in the Paula Jones sexual-harassment case.

‘Lip-biting trademark’

“The Clintons’ War on Women” begins with the alarming allegations of Eileen Wellstone, the 19-year-old English woman who claims then 23-year-old Clinton met her at a pub at Oxford in 1969 and raped her. The scandal, Stone and Morrow claim, was the reason Clinton is one of the few Rhodes scholars to have left Oxford without a degree.

Stone and Morrow recount Juanita Broaddrick’s claim that Clinton raped her April 25, 1978. Broaddrick was a county coordinator for Clinton and a volunteer in his 1978 gubernatorial campaign. She claims Clinton, the Arkansas attorney general, savagely bit her top lip to subdue her.

“In what would become a trademark of his sexual assaults, Clinton violently bit Juanita’s upper lip and threw her on the bed,” Stone and Morrow write, citing Candice Jackson’s 2005 WND book, “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine.”

Broddrick recalled:

“I was just very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him ‘no,’ that I didn’t want this to happen but he wouldn’t listen to me.” Clinton “was such a different person at the moment, he was just a vicious awful person. … It was a real panicky, panicky situation. I was even to the point where I was getting very noisy, you know, yelling to ‘please stop.’ And that’s when he pressed down on my right shoulder and he would bite my lip.”

The authors comment that Broaddrick says Clinton raped her a second time, within the span of 30 minutes, after the first time biting her lip “so hard he almost severed it.”

‘Orgy Island’

Stone and Morrow also detail Bill Clinton’s escapades with billionaire “pedophile ringmaster” Jeffrey Epstein on escape vacations to Epstein’s “Orgy Island.”

“Bill Clinton in the early 2000s became quite personally close to Epstein, whom he had met while he was still president in the 1990s,” Stone and Morrow note.

“Clinton took eighteen trips on Epstein’s plane (which was known as the ‘Lolita Express’ for orgies with underage girls),” the authors continue. “He also gave Epstein twenty-one ways to contact him, basically sharing the phone numbers of all key people close to him.”

Stone and Morrow also note that Epstein’s “little black book” contains the phone number and email of Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s senior advisor for her 2008 presidential campaign and her chief of staff at the State Department.

“Dubbed Hillary’s ‘henchwoman,’ Mills is thought to have obstructed the Benghazi investigation into the death of four Americans, vetted and erased Hillary’s emails, and – incredibly – sat on the Clinton Foundation Board while she was a State Department employee,” Stone and Morrow write. “This was a stunning conflict of interest considering the staggering level of largesse the foundation took from companies and interests doing business in the armament business.”

The book also alleges Bill and Hillary Clinton have used the Clinton Foundation as a personal piggybank, providing additional support to the series of articles published by WND reporting Wall Street analyst and investor Charles Ortel’s research alleging the Clinton Foundation is a “vast criminal conspiracy.”

‘A smooth-running money machine’

“In fact, the Clinton Foundation is a slush fund for grifters,” Stone and Morrow charge. “Both Clintons are notorious moochers. The pizza delivery boy who recalled delivering pizza to Hillary’s dorm room at Wellesley College recalled being stiffed on any tips, and Bill Clinton notoriously carried no cash, leaning on friends and associates to pick up the tabs for his meals, drinks, and revelry.”

The Clinton Foundation, however, is “a smooth-running money machine envisioned and built initially by Doug Band, Clinton’s body man who would become like a son to the former president and use the position to reap hundreds of millions for himself while still on the Foundation payroll,” Stone and Morrow write.

The authors’ narrative also supports a key conclusion of Ed Klein’s new book on Hillary Clinton, “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary,” in which Klein provided anecdotal evidence that while secretary of state, Hillary Clinton continued to conduct Clinton Foundation business.

Stone and Morrow spotlight Sid Blumenthal, a political operative that the authors characterize as a Clinton “dirty trickster.” They say it was Blumenthal, “Hillary’s henchman in the media’s effort to demonize Bill’s sexual assault victims,” who leaked the allegation during the 2008 presidential campaign that Barack Obama was involved in the murder of two gay members of Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church in Chicago.

The authors claim Bill Clinton demanded that the Clinton Foundation pay Blumenthal $10,000 per month.

“Why would a charity need a hitman?” Stone and Morrow ask. “[Blumenthal’s] real job was to coach Hillary, serving as a backchannel spin doctor. His freelancing as a Clinton flunky on Libya created the false narrative about why Americans had given their lives – pinning their murders on the notorious anti-Islamic YouTube video.”

Agreeing with the allegations Peter Schweizer made in his recent book, “Clinton Cash,” Stone and Morrow note that at least 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during Hillary’s tenure donated a total of more than $26 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Family secrets

Among the “family secrets” that Stone and Morrow discuss is the “strong circumstantial evidence” that Chelsea Clinton is not the biological daughter of Bill. The authors publish photographs of Chelsea that appear to show “extensive plastic surgery to rebuild her face in her 20s” to make her appear physically less like Webb Hubbell, the Arkansas attorney who was a colleague of Hillary at the Rose law firm in Little Rock who went to prison for tax fraud in relation to his billing.

Stone and Morrow take Chelsea to task over her ties to the Clinton Foundation.

“One arms contractor that got millions from Hillary was General Electric. General Electric owned 49 percent of NBC,” they write.

NBC hired Chelsea Clinton for $600,000 just prior to their enormous contract, approved by the State Department.

“Chelsea, who is a fully matured adult, has become a grifter like her mother,” they write.

“Those who are shocked by the likelihood that she is Webb Hubbell’s daughter, must also realize that she is in on the scam,” they continue. “Loud and demanding, she has offended top staff at the Clinton Foundation, causing substantial turnover. She is opinionated and aggressive. Staffers call her “’the Princess’ behind her back.”

Stone and Morrow allege that after he dropped out of the presidential race in 1987, Bill entered drug rehabilitation for cocaine addiction, followed by an even more salacious charge first published by Matt Drudge on Jan. 6, 1999, that Bill Clinton is the father to Danny Williams, an African-American child born out of wedlock to an underage black mother that Clinton abandoned, refusing to acknowledge his paternity and pay child support.

“The Clintons’ War on Women” will remind voters of the ongoing scandals involving sex, drugs and money that have plagued the Clintons since Bill first decided to make politics his career.

“So what drives the Clintons’ comeback attempt to win the White House for a sixty-seven-year-old grandmother?” Stone and Morrow ask.

“The answer is greed and power lust,” the authors insist. “They can’t resist another grab for the trappings and opportunities of power, and Hillary feels that the prize that eluded her in 2012 is rightfully hers.”