Bill Burr – Why I Gave Up On Conspiracy Theories

Bill Burr talks about why he gave up on conspiracy theories as most people either don’t believe them at all or are so deep and crazy into it. Audio Clip taken from …




  1. Umm. I think YouTube knows i watch too much Alex Jones or knows i watch more conservative people. Why is this in my notifications?

  2. No u didn't ur too deep in the game bro,bro.U know too much.Or ur getting this podcast, so u soldout ?bending over,n taking it bro,bro?Damn we lost another one.

  3. I'll tell you right now, exactly why. You started making big money. that'll do it every time. Who's got time for that shit?

  4. People like conspiracy theories because they promise a degree of certainty in a world of confusion – of course, conspiracies themselves require an active cherry picking of seemingly applicable factors and dismissing of anything thatcounters those applicable factors. My dad introduced me to the seductive world of conspiratorial thinking with Art Bell’s Coast To Coast AM radio program back in college, a format that made it very easy for the listener to eschew rational research and logical thinking altogether. It was very fun, Alex Jones was a regular guest back then – ironically, his spiel about agents of disinformation helped me realize conspiratorial thinking was bs, starting with him (this was twenty years ago).

  5. Guess his masters told him he went too far. Tucker Carlson will be the next one of their fake realtalkers who they rein in, I bet.

  6. If you go deep enough into any conspiracy theory, they all lead to anti Semitic conspiracy theories that came from the elders of Zion. All about the banker and new world order etc…

  7. On a side note. Your etheric body, when you die, stay's here until your physical body decay's. Cremation gets you out of here instantly to continue on the journey. 🙂 Could embalming be a conspiracy? An after death conspiracy? I also read the real reason for mummies, was to mummify bad people, to make sure they cannot reincarnate for a LONG time, since they aren't decaying.

  8. It's so awesome the banks are totally f**** everyone in the ass…
    and all you right wing idiots are worried about some transgender dude who can't figure out his s*** and doesn't want to be disrespected.

    You people are really f**** stupid!

  9. Holy shit, this clip…LOL!
    Bill's vocabulary choices were top-shelf. That "motorcyle gas tank" bit made me miss the next few lines…

  10. The real reason conspiracy theories are a waste of time is because of hopelessness of it. Every time you talk to a guy that is into them he's just spewing all the stuff you need to be afraid of at you. You get obsessed ( I used to be) it's not productive, and if no is offering solutions, then what are you left with? Any thing you search on a normal browser and operating system is probably a lie, and if you aren't going to start assassinating people or organizing militarily, you may as well just pay your fucking rent/mortgage and quit being that guy at the party.

  11. I bet hes no longer into conspiracies because hes now "made it" and now has obligations to his "owners". Truthfully, some conspiracies are worth investigating and he dismisses all of them now? Something clearly isnt right.

  12. Bill has rid himself of religion and conspiracy theories. If you think too much about either of those topics there is only one conclusion…they're bullshit.

    (Yes conspiracies are real, but when 10,000 + people are involved in getting a handful of men to the moon they all can't be lying or apart of a mass cover up).

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