Hey homies! Today we have talking Bermuda Triangle conspiracy theories! It’s for a long time now been an unvolved mystery that has fasinated me! What do you …




  1. What if the ones who disappeared actually got lost in time and is trapped either in the past or future and couldn't get back?

  2. listening to this is like hearing an autistic describe the ocean to a retarded monkey that has no ears…. this girl is just as smart as a tuna fish stuck in a net.

  3. Hey guys just wanted to say the Bermuda Triangle theory has been debunked. I remember hearing about it on CNN student news, but if I remember correctly it's about the weather has really tall waves and something about gravity I swear I'm not lying please look it up and share so more people know :)

  4. Your very good at these videos! They are very interesting and you are very thorough and I can tell you did your homework! Very impressed☺️??

  5. maybe the compasses stopped working because they were near a portal that takes you to the upside down world, and they got sucked in, and then they were stuck there until they died…

  6. Some pilots have survived going through the Bermuda Triangle. Some of them have said that they have been inside this huge cloud and have seen different lights and one of pilots mentioned that he felt like he was being pulled inside the cloud.

    I don't know, something like that ?

  7. I know that this is a weird suggestion, but you could do a video on mermaids. I totallyy believe in them (or at least, they are extinct) :)

  8. so, i am no expert or anything, but as you were speaking, i kinda thought about if it could be a disruptancy (think i spelled that wrong) in earths magnetic field, witch would explain why compasses didnt work, as for the disapparance of these huge ships and planes, as you said, we know very little about our own ocean, so there could easily be something down there causing it, just an idea i came up with on the spot, and i probably shouldnt be taken too siriously

  9. Love all your videos! I would love to see a video about how many, many ancient civilizations that NEVER even knew the others existed all have references in some form basically showing aliens and UFOS! And anything paranormal. Maybe even take some inspiration from Cayleigh Elise and narrate some subscriber stories? Can't wait to see what's next! Thank you for all the hard work in your videos. Best of luck! ? ?

  10. Anyone watch stranger things? Maybe the huge gravitational force of the under world pulled them down and messed up their compasses. If this was true no debris was found because you can not see the under world

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