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  1. its the same thing as the beatles. is it paul or faul? ringo said he was replaced in 1966. and there is a movie called paul is really dead, the last testament of George Harrison.

  2. why people cant trust to the video that shes dead i know that i cant trust but its very different her nose her smile abd shes not very rock avril is rock and her eyes too are different and i want u all to know that avril Lavigne is dead im very sad that i see the video then her kalokalike is her fan from brazil avril and this kalokalike is very close its real i know that im sad
    im crying i love avril her songs too avril lavigne died bout her grandfather died 2002 avril lavigne died bout deep depressed and avril will never sing hello kitty and she wont sang that i love avril lavigne i wish that shes alive ???

  3. For a person who makes videos about their own opinions and then tells others to shut up and keep their opinions to themselves seems a bit backwards.

    Education failed you.

  4. What would they really want to keep her alive for though? Especially with the trash this "Melissa" puts out. If she was dead why not just say she was dead. Unless she was sacrificed, I guess that would then make sense.

  5. If you take the time to watch enough videos of her in 2002 and 2003…especially the acoustic sessions and amazing live performances you will see for yourself that she has 100% been replaced since 2004! Don't take others' words for it, dig deep yourself and you'll find the truth. I don't know what actually did happen or why, but she disappears mid Year 2004 from all footage i've watched. June 2004 is the last real footage of her i can find.

  6. also when Melissa does interviews she is so high strung and shit and Avril Lavigne she has a low ass boyish voice and who would wanna marry that ugly hillbilly from Nickelback like come the fuck on, ??

  7. My Dad is dead and I'm 19, I know lots of people who experience death. I don't care if her grandpa was closer than a parent she won't kill herself because of that.

  8. voice changed??
    hear and compare voice begining song "COMPLICATED VMA 2002's Live" and "WHAT THE HELL ACOUSTIC (AOL Sessions)"
    Her spontaneous laugh on Sk8ter Boi Live at Viva Interaktiv 2002's and Her laugh (2004-now) ,,,
    just one AVRIL … ONLY ONE

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