What REALLY happened to Avril? Did she commit suicide? Was she replaced? In this video, I discuss the conspiracy theory regarding Avril Lavigne’s …




  1. Can easily prove it lol. Just find this Melissa girl and Avril and put them together. If nobody can find this melissa girl then avril is dead because melissa is now avril

  2. you're lighting is distracting. all I saw was the round light in your glasses the whole time. your monotone voice didn't help at all either lmao. couldn't stand to watch.

  3. Out of all the videos I saw about Avril's conspiracy theory I am MORE SHOOK to your vid. I also made research about Melissa and yeah she doesn't have any social media acc. What shook me more about your vid is the meaning of her last name Vandella ?

  4. I'm so sad that Avril has passed on. Melissa Vandella is being a fcking asshole. I mean like why the fuck would you keep her career going? It's like Michael Jackson. WHAT THE ACTUAL FCK?!? I am really not sure if this is a real thing but it may be. Imagine if you were a singer and you died… would you want your career to go on with a new person? My answer is no because it's totally fcking wrong to do bullshit like that. Honest to god why the hell would she want her career to keep going when she died?

  5. jadi,, apakah avril benar benar sudah meninggal??? sepertinya belum meninggal.
    apakah avril dan melissa pernah tampil bareng secara langsung? i mean,,apakah avril dan melissa pernah di wawancara secara bersama?

    kenapa saya kurang yakin jika mereka itu berbeda?

  6. I am so late to the part on this one haha. i'm a little fixated on it for some reason but i tend to fall into the internet hole every now and again. either way, i think it's an interesting story. it'd make a cool tv show or book lol

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