1. The real Avril isn't dead. I believe the real Avril is using a double as her replacement because the REAL Avril probably wants a normal life.

  2. People are stupid in the crap they choose to believe. This is easy to proove. Do they not hang out anymore? Is there no pic of the both of them together anytime after 2003? Come on people

    She still has the same TEETH, The Same Lips, and The Same small Body,
    Most Important She has the same Sensational Voice!
    Watch the Avril lavigne Interviews and the 2004 Live concert: Avril
    Lavigne – Rock Am Ring 2004
    You can see Clearly she is the same Avril. Nobody can replicate her
    amazing Vocals, Incredible Song writing, and Unique Talents! Avril
    posted a Happy Mothers day photo on her Twitter account on On May 14th
    2017. Do you think her Mother is also her Fake Mother?

  4. Even, I don't think she looks the same. I saw the lyme disease video, and I was like, "Who is this bitch?" People's entire faces don't change.

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