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Hemp or cannabis oil was used by numerous people for centuries, but it was banned in the second half of the 20th century, in large part because of tycoon, William Randolph Hearst’s desire to dominate the market using his timber and newspaper businesses to take advantage of Dupont’s new chemical bonding process using wood pulp instead of the far superior hemp. Laws were passed by his well-connected friends in Congress, banning hemp and cannabis.

Islamic chants blast from F-16 toys on Christmas

wol-vol-f-16-toy-jet-600The F-16 toy Bjorn Thorpe bought his son for Christmas came with an unexpected feature: Islamic prayers.

The Washington state man purchased a toy jet from Amazon.com, expecting it to blast sounds of missiles and afterburners. The toy, created by China-based WolVol, instead sounded like a pilot headed to Mecca.

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“This is a prayer you’re supposed to say when you’re performing Hajj,” Nadeem Israr, president of the Islamic Society of Whatcom County, told Seattle’s KING-TV on Monday. All Muslims are required to make at least one pilgrimage to the holy site in Saudi Arabia before they die.

Thorpe, who lives in Whatcom County, said he put batteries in the device Christmas morning and “did not get what we expected.”

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The Thorpe family was not alone.

“Not as advertised. Does not play jet noises. Plays an Arabic chant that is extremely bizarre for a child’s toy,” wrote one Amazon reviewer Dec. 26.

“Very loud Middle Eastern chanting and music! It’s weird and scary. This is a very un-American product! I was expecting jet noises. NOT this! The toy is dirty as well. I’m sending it back if I can find the box!” added reviewer Holly Drahms on Tuesday.

WolVol told the NBC affiliate that its manufacturer must have made a mistake.

Amazon did not respond to the station’s request for comment.

“I do respect other religions, but it’s not the right situation to have it on a children’s toy,” said Thorpe.

Why Is the Middle Class Shrinking?

Economic inequality continues to be a major political issue even as the headlines scream about terrorism and climate change. Bernie Sanders has made it a centerpiece of his presidential campaign, and other candidates have addressed it along the way. And a recent study by the Pew Research Center has added new, though misplaced, fuel to the fire of those concerned about inequality.

The Pew study has been discussed in the media, and one key point has been grossly misunderstood. Among other things, the study found that the American middle class is shrinking and is now just under half of the population. Commentators quickly began to refer to the “hollowing out” of the middle class and to tie this study to the concerns about growing inequality.

However, a close look at the data shows that the middle class has shrunk since 1971 because more members of the middle class have moved up the income ladder than down it.

Don’t believe me? Look for yourself at the terrific graphic that the Financial Times created to illustrate the data:

You can watch as the folks on the left slowly slide to the right over 44 years. When you compare the 1971 distribution with the 2015 one, what do you see? A growth in households earning around $80,000 or above, adjusted for inflation, since 1971 and a significant decline in those making less than that amount (with the exception of the folks right around $0). It’s true that there’s not a fat middle class anymore,…

Historians claim Ancient Romans visited Canada

A team of historians have claimed that an island off the coast of Canada has artifacts dating back to a time when the Roman Empire still ruled Europe and the Mediterranean.According to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, lead historian on the research project, a treasure trove of Roman-era artifacts, including a head sculpture, a fragment of a shield, a handful of golden coins from ancient Carthage, a legionnaire’s whistle, and a Roman sword, was found in the wreck of a ship off the coastline of Oak Isla…

Trump ramps up attacks on Bill Clinton

(NBC NEWS) Days before Bill Clinton is scheduled to hit the road to campaign for his wife, Donald Trump again stepped up his attacks on the former president’s past sexual misconduct and his controversial comments during the 2008 Democratic nomination fight.

“You look at whether it’s Monica Lewinsky or Paula Jones or many of them,” Trump said on NBC’s TODAY. “That certainly will be fair game. Certainly if they play the woman’s card with respect to me, that will be fair game.”