Welcome to the FIRST edition of Art conspiracies!! Let me know if you like this and would like to see more like this!! Todays we will be going over the ancient Egyptians, aliens, the mona…




  1. Sorry but the Egyptian theory pictures are photoshopped and they are not real! They do look believable but they are not real. I am Egyptian and those have never been talked about nor seen

  2. I really doubt the alien Egyptian text because it's such a stereotypical cartoons depiction

    As for the light in the painting it's most likely a depiction of God and his holy light and stuff golden light on holy things in those types of paintings are super common besides if a like..15(?)th century artist saw a ufo still why would he put it in his painting of mary?????

  3. Lol in the movie where the guy works in a museum and the things come to life everything that was “wrong” with the art is “right” in the movie

  4. I have déjà vu I have had this since my dad died. So the day after my dad past I was thinking about him and all the sudden I saw like a video play in my head I was sitting at a table and heard a man yell hey blah it didn't say the name it was just hey blah the next fricken day I saw a man in a suit yell hey Stuart and I said to my mom "didn't this happen yesterday" she said no honey

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