1. oh my gosh! i get deja vus all the time that i've looked at this before, or ive said this before and sometimes (i know this sounds weird) i already know whats ganna happen! MIND BLOWN!

  2. Just two days ago while I was at the cinema with my boyfriend I suddenly had such a "strong" deja vu that I felt dizzy,of course I didn't say anything because he'd say I'm crazy. And predicting things happens a lot to me. I have a a lot of imagination and I'm often somewhere else with my mind but sometimes when I imagine something that's more realistic or think "oh that could happen" or "that persons probably going to say this" and things like that,a few moments or even days later it really happens exactly how I "saw" it in my head.

  3. Shane I know we are living the past because just like you I will predict things or even see what is goin to happen as it happens but every time I say I have seen this people don’t believe me they come up with an excuse like are ok/tiered extra but I know what is realy going on I have thought about what you talked about in this video for a while. I had a thing to day when I said what my friend did a the day time but it wasn’t normal like I couldn’t help myself but to say so that also makes me think maybe we are just one big simulation idk but I hope you see and tell me what you think.

  4. what if actually we are the only person on earth and this is all a illusion because we got bored and lonely so we imagined all of this and none of this is real….What is we are really just sleeping and this dream telling us what our life is going to be like.

  5. I remember hearing from a science show that it is more likely that we are in a simulation than it is likely that there is an existence of a god. Don't know if that's completely true but it really gets you thinking. Seriously makes me feel insignificant :L

  6. If we're Sims, them I am the glitchiest, buggiest, and most out of whack Sim ever. I feel like I want to do something, and I keep telling myself to, and almost force it to happen, but then I don't. Whoever is playing as me, they must complain about me alot.

  7. I don't think I agree completely with any of these simulation theories but I definitely think that we're being watched by a higher civilization. Maybe not necessarily controlled but watched.

  8. If we are a simulation , and in the future we create a simulation of now. Then does that mean that us the simulation is making a simulation. Like wut it's too early for this

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