Are Mermaids Real?

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  1. honestly, that video of "dolphins" swimming… honestly it looks like flying fish.. like thats totally how they migrate in large "packs". i believe in mermaids but i also love / have an obsession with dolphins and i don't buy it..

  2. I have said it more than once. I believed (when I was a kid) mermaids were aliens that purposely landed in the ocean. And now live down there. There can be water planet that they left and found ours. Who knows this universe is a very vast so many things are possible.

  3. “Why wouldn’t they want to come up and say hi”
    It’s probably the same reason we can’t go down and say waddup
    They probably are so used to the heavy lack of oxygen and light that they can’t physically breathe in water or see with light

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  5. My Grandma used to tell me stories, and she said that when she was little she had a uncle, and her uncle was a marinate, and that her uncle claims that he has see a mermaid not a sea mermaid though and that mermaid had glowing skin and really long brown hair and my grandma says she doesn't believe it but I do♡.

  6. Like you said our spine can move like dolphins were one of the FEW or ONLY mammals that can do that!!!! Also have you seen videos of newborn videos where the start swimming like divers or professionals yes maybe it was since their in the womb but still and maybe the little skin in our fingers maybe if we swim a lot it can grow!

  7. Ask anyone from the Caribbean Mermaids are real and there’s always someone in the family that’s seen them. And they are not described as kind animals either!

  8. What if mermaids are under Atlantis? Underwater of course. They can’t come up to say hi because they’ll end up as a science experiment.

  9. prob because they said Obama seen a mermaid when he was on a boat they had it before then everyone stop talking about it.

  10. When I was in preschool I was on a ferri boat and I saw a mermaid wink at I was obsessed with mermaids and still to this day but no one believes me it was winter no one would be swimming and my dad was in the coast gard has seen one ,when he was working on a boat in alsaka

  11. Dogs have webbed paws, and they don't come from a marine species. I think the fact that human fingers are minimally webbed is kind of irrelevant, because we are NOT the only mammal with skin between our fingers.

  12. Land is probably space for “mermaids” and we are the aliens 😂😂 and to aliens we are the mermaids 😂😂

  13. if mermaids. do come up. and someone records. it or something i dont doubt the government might cover. them up and even go as far as kill them… they done it before😬

  14. I TOTALLY believe mermaids are real. If most of our ocean hasn't been explored then of course we haven't found as much proof. I'm guessing they are a smart species and are aware of our destructive ways. They're probably TERRIFIED of us!!!

  15. Mermaids the body found and Mermaids the new evidence is both on Youtube and sooo great
    And No I dont care that they are fake 😋😉❤❤

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