Are Clowns Taking Over America?

We break down this week’s top conspiracy news stories including killer clowns, Kim Kardashian’s robbery and the Pentagon paying PR firm to make fake Al …




  1. The United States, land of the free, where it's illegal to wear a clown costume for Halloween… let's just make everything illegal.

  2. i think the clown problem is a snowball effect one person dressed up as a clown and probobly got on the news or something for doing something illigal and people have caught onto the cover as being a clown its an effective cover

  3. "killer clowns" give me a break, they run away like pussies if someone doesn't fear them and give them a little of the same medicine

  4. unfortunately the best nuclear strategy is to strike first. it's anyone's guess who will strike first be it Warmongering Hillary or Putin defending himself preemptively. I'd rather have Trump in office. at least he'd launch the nukes the wrong way.

  5. So glad I took the time to watch this video about if clowns. which wasn't in that much of this video even though the description says are clown taking over America and it doesn't say anything about thought about the news this week. I might have to stop watching anything to do with this channel now.

  6. Are clowns taking over America? Actually they did…EIGHT YEARS AGO…but we will soon get be rid of the last ones on the 20th of this month.

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