Are Aliens Living On Earth?

Could extraterrestrial life already be on earth? Could alien even be living among us now? Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Conspiracies! – http://bit.ly/1dmVsvF …




  1. It's funny how all the religious nuts are using the bible and shit to justify how there is no such thing as aliens, and instead they are just demons. There is a good chance that there are intelligent lifeforms, however, people disregard this in the name of an imaginary friend?

  2. Are Aliens Living On Earth?
    Yes, technically. We could be considered as aliens to other species that do not live on earth.

  3. We are the aliens here aliens are telling us to stop mining for oil and stop. Putting our wonderful planet to destruction

  4. at 3:33 that photo is from an actual human person, she´s a russian model that made a lot of plastic surgeries to become more like a barbie doll, true story

  5. You find it so easy to believe this crap yet with all the overwhelming evidence you cant believe In Jehovah. Thats Gods name in case you are to blinded to know.

  6. Plot twist: This whole theory is based on what is actually just a mistranslated study of the human genome, mentions of aliens referring to the junk DNA we already know of.

    I am (somewhat) open to the idea that world governments hide alien refugees/immigrants to avoid a District 9 situation. However, I believe it is extremely unlikely that is the case, hence 'somewhat.'

  7. Now let's say aliens do exist but I have some thing to tell
    Why tf do ppldraw aliens with huge eyes and green body ? They didn't even see them ! Fuck NASA right there.Most of the clips are FAKE ! So you don't know how they look like.Aliens may be cute af, hot af or creepy af.
    But I can't say that aliens are real or fake.

  8. The US never landed on the moon.When China went to the moon,they didn't see an American flag.Which means the supposed Apollo photo of the Moon,is just a movie set.Flags don't flutter in space,there is no air.Ripples underground?My ass!Couldn't that mean something sinister?This is what my father really knows about the landing!

  9. Another stupid Putin question deserves a stupid answer like imagine all top secret answers belong to Nikola Tesla in reality is a fact

  10. Do you think the alien villages in Argentina were next to the ones that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi buddies lived in? I would hate to be the local council official nominees trying to get elected around there!

  11. you said that the pleiadens are motioned in the bible and the Quran can you please be more specific or give the verse in bible and the Quran thank you

  12. I have to be honest. Total bullshit all of this is what it is. To be precise and nothing else. However, I still do in my own way believe in alien life. We simply can't be the only ones in this universe. If we are then there must be other dimensions where there is such relevant alien life within how I mean to refer nonetheless. There is only human and earth life on this planet and nothing else.

  13. Aliens and Illuminati are controlled opposition conspiracy theories designed by the Satanic freemasons. I like to call these "normie" theories.

  14. HAHAAHHHAAH You are stupid!!!! Nicola Tesla was an Serbian- American inventor that envented many things that basically we have today, Thanks to him the world could be a good place to live. Fuck you

  15. That picture of the "alien" at 3:37, is actually a Russian model named "Valeria Lukyanova". She is sometimes referred as "the human barbie" because she has had surgeries to make herself look like a doll.

  16. The Chinese are Aliens. The earth is 5775 years old and the Chinese had writing that is 7000 years old. This is proof of extra terrestrial life.

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