Anti-white professor slammed as ‘idiot’


Race relations between police and blacks have been tense for months now.

E.W. Bishop, a Christian pastor, lawyer, former candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia and founder of the nonprofit STAND – Staying True to America’s National Destiny – sent a sharp rebuke one anti-white professor’s way, basically saying on Fox & Friends on Thursday: You’re an idiot.

First, the professor commented, via an opinion piece in Salon published on the heels of the University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing’s fatal shooting of Samuel DuBose. DuBose was black; Tensing, white, and the shooting fueled racial police-community fires that have been burning for over a year, since white policeman Darren Wilson shot to death black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

“White America, you’re killing us,” wrote Lawrence Brown, a black professor with Morgan University in Baltimore, in Salon. “Your law enforcement officers, your criminal justice systems, your jail cells are all weapons of mass destruction. … White America has built an edifice of violence in the psychology and culture of white police officers and correctional officers that continues to dehumanize indigenous and black lives.”

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He then referenced the percentage of white prosecutors in the country, and said only four percent were “people of color.” And that, he continued, contributed to what he described as a racist justice system.

“This is a system that is designed to protect white lives that inflict bodily harm on black and indigenous populations, rarely prosecuting and convicting police who kill without due cause,” he wrote. “This is a system that is working to achieve exactly what has been perpetrated against indigenous and black folk since Europeans landed on Plymouth Rock. As Malcolm X famously proclaimed: ‘We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, the rock was landed on us.’ White America, when are you going to lift the rock of white supremacy and stop allowing police to get away with murder?”

Bishop called such rhetoric unnecessarily inflammatory – and also said President Obama could have done much more during his years in the White House to counter such claims.

“It’s idiot professors like this who are the problem,” Bishop said, on Fox & Friends.

He then pointed to the fact he and his family members were black, yet managed to stay out of jail – something he said was due the fact they didn’t commit the crimes that led to imprisonment. And Obama could very easily press that reality in high-crime communities, if he only wanted, Bishop said.

But instead, Obama plays the “race card” to promote his own agenda, he said.

“This president has not used the opportunity to go into communities and say let me show you how my wife and I succeeded,” Bishop said. “Instead they played the race card.”