Another Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of All Time

The world is full of wild conspiracy theories, so much so that we couldn’t just limit our entries to one list! Welcome to http://www.WatchMojo.com, and today we’re …




  1. The first person in space wasnt a man, was a woman called The Boss, sent by the U.S space program as a test pilot, they didnt expected her to return alive, but she did. This was an undercovered misión, and officially, the soviets went to space first but it set the bases for the Apolo missions. MGS

  2. what no "da erf is fwat aheet aheet aheet"? They're my favorite conspiratard group. whenever I need an ego boost I just watch one of their videos and boom I feel like a genius instantly.

  3. Earth's temps go up and down, have been for thousands of years. Man caused climate change is a joke. If I made billions off of it I would say it's real too.

  4. I would not mind being part of a new world order tbh. Imagine a world where everyone lives in peace, even if it is totalitarian. Only focusing on the future of humanity and enlightenment. Could be worse I guess.

  5. This is way better than TheRichest, because they are so full of shit they have no idea what they are talking about for a reason I state it is true that they are just doing it for views, and to be popular. (No joke).

  6. They performed a DNA test, the SUPPOSED Hitler skull was from a FEMALE body. Do some research! It's not crazy to say that he didn't commit suicide.
    Remember, History was written by the Allies and the Russian, the winners.

  7. You know what ? Scientist already proved that Brown is the only eye colour. All the other colours are actually optical illusion . That is an irony. There also other factors than optical illusion but still brown is the prime colour for eyes.

  8. All of these theories belong on a documentary on the History channel. Ya, after Ancient aliens, the History Channel became a a hub for conspiracy theory believers to watch.

  9. Watching this in 2016 and we still haven't found flight mh370 that's fucking crazy. With all the technology and satellites and we can't find a fucking plane, that's ridiculous.

  10. now that's a lie. Americans were not the first to land on the moon. the government has been hiding this the whole time. we were not the first ones . the Russians were the first ones to land on the moon, 7 years later with the same technology America went to the moon. they kept it a secret to keep Patrisizm over Communism

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