Angels and Airwaves Talk Conspiracy Theories and Obama

Angels and Airwaves sit down with Hoppus to talk about Obama, conspiracies, and much more! Subscribe to the Fuse TV Channel: http://bit.ly/fuseSub Like Fuse …




  1. i find it so frustrating to not be able to find out what the FUCK this thing about the intergalactic battle between whatever years in the future it was is. i mean war through a kaleidoscope what the hell could someone please enlighten me

  2. Heh.. I can't believe he's interviewing Tom with A&A.. that's pretty rad.. he's damn good at hosting too.. alright fellas

  3. damn it, just look at the way mark and tom look at each other. the smiles ?!?! I swear I’m not(((totally))) crying.
    such a beautiful friendship, just to be crushed for the second time. that hurts.

  4. Does anyone else find Matt’s hands to be so awkwardly large and disproportionate to his arms and rest of his body? Watch as he speaks and gestures with his hands at 2:20.

  5. Mark, Matt, David, Ilan oddly enough seem more level headed than Tom. You can tell, they just tolerate his strange side. Tom is very creative though, that’s for sure helped his song writing.

  6. 1:41 "I would love for the next one to be about dreams and near-death experiences"

    Three years later he releases The Dream Walker with the song Tunnels, and Anderson Poet short film. So that went along well.

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