1. people actually do believe this to be true. regardless of this is fabricated or not it goes to show how people have an utter disdain and mistrust for the government. why don't you ask why they got to that point. could it be that there have been lies told by the government that the media plays to? people tend to figure when they are being duped. they may not hit the nail on the head and it may lead to some far fetched theories but there is a general feeling of skepticism that is wartented.

  2. We have been conditioned to be duped. Do you really think a shooter can have a 96.8 shooting accuracy with a 29:1 kill ratio. That's impossiable. Oh and did I mentioned also not shoot out any windows. Did I also mention be skilled with a firearm that's banned in connecticut. Also no video footage to prove the shooting. Compare this to the Colorado shooting. It will help you come to conclusion. If you still are not believing it's a hoax then you need to ask yourself "am I to ashamed to back down from my opinions ?" There should be more of an uproar about this. People need to stand up and wake up. This country is all about its best interest. Not "you!" You don't mean anything when your gone. This country leaders will do what benefits them.

  3. This criminal act is disgusting. Killing elementary schools kinds. Same say it was fake. Those poor parents. I couldn't even watch the news. It tore my heart out. So sad.

  4. if CNN would actually review these peoples full stories they wouldn't put this out-so kids are on a school bus leaving the school already and the bus driver just drops them off at some random strangers house?!? you really got to be out your damn mind if you think this happened, that dude changed his story 3 times and was actually at the school when he told news he was out having breakfast, so look at EVERYTHING when it comes to getting the truth.

  5. Sure there are many conspiracy nuts who thinks this is a hoax, but for the sake of argument, let's say this mass-shooting was not a hoax. Was there ever a motive why this screw loose guy went on a killing spree, shooting up a classroom full of kids, besides the fact that he was crazy in the head?

  6. Liberals hate the truth. Sandy Hook was indeed a hoax, just like the Democrat Cult which takes advantage of low IQ lemmings who are lost and not able to think for themselves.

  7. Overselling. If it really happened, this would have been totally unnecessary. If anyone ever tries to shame you into believing something, run. Research the event and come to your own informed conclusion. Don't let your emotions inform you because pricks like this guy get paid millions to influence them.

  8. So tell me why anderson only brought up the green screen and not the 32 other reasons why its faked like why the boys picture is being used in other false flag events or why there was a check in sign notice how he only brought up stuff that he can defend

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  10. Any intelligent person who sincerely and objectively examines the Sandy Hook "incident" will be forced to come to the conclusion that it was a complete hoax. This is what the EVIDENCE (not emotional belief) demands. Plain and simple.

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