America Needs A Conspiracy Theory President

As Gore Vidal said, “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a conspiracy analyst.” It’s that simple, Sparky. And that’s what our POTUS needs to be and quick.




  1. So whose been funding Muslim conquests for the past 1400 plus years, Lionel never addresses the real heart of the matter… with or without funding and support from those in power who can benefit from worldwide jihad and the resulting chaos.. war against the non muslim world has been waged for centuries and will continue on because the ideology is the root of the matter.

  2. damb straight i am glad someone in the media is preparing to speak critical to power. he should know that's what we put trump in for Answers. but this other guy has it wrong the Zionists want this stuff exposed so they can be cleared and the true enemy, public school's exposed for rotting the nation with useless busy work!

  3. Fat chance Trump or any other bigwig pol would call out 'Sandy Hook', the Boston Marathon 'bombing', or the Orlando 'nightclub shooting', etc., etc., all of a sudden. It'd be suicide ! They'd be whacked by the C.I.A./N.S.A. – whatever combo of those f*ks !……Doesn't excuse them, however, for pursuing their positions, pretending to stand for something, and receiving pay for being 'turncoats' to every principle upon which this nation was founded.

  4. With all the animosity between networks and red and blue politicians atm,I can see a hit new show hitting the airwaves this summer…
    Celebrity Death Match-For Real!!!!
    First match would be Anderson "I can't use my real surname" Cooper vs Sebastian Gorka,after Coopers' bitchy,faggoty,limp wristed insult to Gorka after he was off mic and unable to retort when Cooper called him "a Hungarian Don Rickles…..".
    Let the games begin…

  5. People have to realize chemtrails are real – just look up daily and you will begin to recognize how common they are. I don't who is doing it or why – I just know they are covering the sky almost daily AND you can watch the planes doing it !

  6. When Elie Wiesel humiliated President Obama at a ceremony of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2012 by asking, "Why is Assad still in power?" — obviously meaning that Assad should be removed — was it because Elie Wiesel wanted a PIPELINE?

    The pipeline explanation for the conflict in Syria does not withstand the slightest scrutiny.

  7. Trump will do zero to advance 911 truth. He crumbles like the proverbial $2 suitcase. The public has a sense of the truth though and will hopefully win out in the end. Thanks Lionel!

  8. Please Everyone subcribe to Truth Factory or just check it out. I'll admit, I'm starting to listen to Truth Factory more than Lionel Nation, H.A, Styx, ABL, PJW, and even Alex Jones! Not a damn thing wrong with them btw but this mfn lady knows A LOT of shit man! She even says herself that she might get Killed (god forbid) but my goodness Truth Factory so desperately needs exposure. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to check out Truth Factory! Please, for the sake of TRUTH!

  9. Although I don't agree that Petraeus was a good guy, I agree with everything else. Trump has disappointed me by going slack on all the deep state issues like Obama, Hillary and some that haven't even been mentioned, and has mostly surrounded himself with his enemies who are actively working to bring him down, and has made himself unreachable by those who would tell him what is really going on if they could just get his ear. Even though there is no basis for an impeachment bill I believe there is a strong chance of one coming soon, and since most of the congress critters hate him it is likely to be voted into place. The thing is that Trump could put a stop to the mounting attack on him by taking action now, but he is squandering his opportunities by waiting for his enemies to become strong and secure.

  10. The question of whether Obama was born in America IS a legitimate question, but it's stupid one; because when it was answered Trump persisted like the asshole he is.

    So NOW when there are questions about whether the Trump administration somehow colluded with a foreign government to help influence the election, these are also legitimate.

    But they have not been answered.

    And like all right-wing hypocrites, they pooh-pooh anyone who questions them: Whether it be 9/11 or Russian collusion.

    Lionel your legitimacy is… gone with the wind.

  11. Lionel, have you heard of David Icke? he's the top conspiracy outlet in the UK. I personally think he is, and always has been as mad as a bag of squirrels. Having said that, I know 2 followers of his and I wouldn't describe them as nuts apart from their belief in the Illuminati, lizards etc.

  12. You have to draw the line somewhere between legitimate investigations and tabloid trash lunacy.. Flat Eath goes way over the line into deep low IQ & mental illness. Study what they believe if you doubt it. It's willful ignorance. It's no coincidence that they are Christian & Muslim fundamentalist literalists that are the purveyors of this stupidity. The same demographic that the vast majority of terrorism emanates from.

  13. 9/11 was an inside job? You people are literally nuts who believe this stupid debunked crap. So how do they keep silent the tens of thousands of people from all over the world who would have to be in on it and/or have the "absolute proof smoking gun" – and it never gets leaked to a media, and Deep State that hates all things Republican with a mental disorder driven passion?

    Since you claim to know – who is responsible? Bush? So you claim he's a "mass murdering terrorist"? Why is he not brought to justice then? You think someone is just going to casually be allowed to do something like that? You think the Democrat Deep State (it includes virtually the entire legal system) would not prosecute and destroy Bush/Cheney and the Republican party if they had all this "proof"?

    Instead, the Democrats have lost over 1,500 seats of political power, coast to coast at all levels, since Obama took over the Democrat party in 2008. And they are howling, crying, wailing and gnashing their teeth about it. Committing terrorism and murder – because they lost and keep losing.

    I find most "Conspiracy Theorists" to be simply displaying multiple mental disorders. And a low IQ.

  14. I've been labeled a conspiracy theorist so often, I now wear it as a badge of honor. Signifies that I question everything and don't swallow the garbage. Amazes me that people will just blindly believe lying lame stream media without one cognizant question. Sandy Hook hoax was totally presented through the boob tube. Not one shred of evidence presented besides a fantasy created by the likes of CNN aka Counterfeit News Network.

  15. Seems the Left are using the time honoured technique of peer group pressure guilt with the Russian hacking hoax…
    "We believe the 17 agencies, why don't you?Aren't you a proud Patriot? ".
    Without evidence…..no.
    Question everything. Believe nothing.

  16. Lionel, yes the CIA killed JFK, WTC 7 could not have fallen due to office fires and it's very suspicious that bin Laden was not even indicted by the FBI.

    But…sometimes Muslims just gotta bust a nut. They've been doing that for a very, very long time.

  17. All will happen in due time. Politics is a dirty game and Trump knows he has to play his hand carefully. Not everything can and needs to be done in 6 months. Even at work, I need to get a few small wins under my belt before I get the mandate to go for the big wins.

  18. First off the Clinton Champain started the Birther movement with a picture they released of Odumbo in Muslin etire, all Trump was doing was question what the Clintons started. Second the Trumps and the Clintons ARE and ALWAYS WERE FRIENDS contrary to what anyone says. Third no President candidate has ever kept so much as 30% of their promises and if they did it wasn't in the way the voters wanted it. This is all smoke and mirror to distract us from the real issues. Next let's please vote for candidates outside of this 2 party monopoly bullshit next time(this has to be on ALL government levels).

  19. President Trump still doesn't have all his cabinet confirmed! Maybe has 45 out if 179. He'll drain the swamp, we'll witness they as we're watching him do amazingly.

  20. Perhaps Trump has mentally conceded that what he can actually do to MAGA is quite limited. It certainly looks that way because he is not using many of the tools available in the Presidential toolbox. What do you think about that, Lionel?

  21. Lionel, you should discuss Operation Northwoods. This was a 1960s Joint Chiefs plan to stage false flag terror attacks on US soil to kill Americans in order to manufacture consent for aggressive war against Cuba, who would be framed for the incidents. JFK rejected this plan shortly before he was assassinated.

  22. Is our fearless leader a knuckle dragging caveman? No ,he has no clue how to make a deal with crooked politicians!
    And the Zupruder film was doctored but no way Oswald would use a 10dollar rifle and no scope, ( sharp shooting ) and get a head shot?? If people see it on tv they take the bait!
    All free media even reality tv is scripted,people just love Holly weird!
    All evil is linked to money!
    Soros pays for the staged protesters!
    Thanks Mike Thanks!

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