1. what if she disappeared to where the remembered version of mandela effects go?? like where chic-fil-a & the bernstein bears are. when you said parallel universe i thought of that lmao.

  2. Growing up I was told about the last theory also, except that instead of trying to land the plane, Earhart crashed onto the island, and perished. But it is still strange that she nor the plane was found.

  3. she probably crashed into the firmament and the government including the elite does not want the population to know the truth..So its been burried along with other truth…

  4. The history channel is doing a 2 hour documentary on her on Sunday night!! There's new evidence that supports that she crashed and was captured by the Japanese in the Marshall Islands

  5. Make an update of this video they found a picture that shows Amelia Earhart in the Marshall Islands

  6. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you but what I'm getting is that there's a conspiracy theory that she was a spy and was meant to spy on Japan in WWII but like…the U.S. didn't get involved in WWII until 1942 and she set off in 1937…I don't think it makes sense that she would be sent to spy on Japan 5 years before we had any involvement or complications with warring countries.
    Like you, I believe the last theory. I think she crash landed and just never received help which is quite unfortunate but most likely exactly what happened.

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