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  1. I'm not sure in other mario games but there's this one mario game; when you collect a certain amount of coins, you get 1 up; you get one life.

  2. I want to thank you for making this video on my birthday!!!❤️❤️❤️I know it wasn't intentional but it made my day great!! Lol!! Your so amazing!! 😂❤️

  3. You know I can kind of see how bowser is the good guy and Mario is the bad guy lol bowser supposedly won over princess peach sooooo lol I love conspiracy theories! You report them so well and really dig up a lot of info about the stories and are also tooo funny; " Luigi is a bad ass bitch right now" lmao. You should do more conspiracy theories for sure! Those are probably my favorite ones 😁

  4. It's like Spinelli and Harley Quinn got spliced by a matter transporter and became a promising youtuber. Nice vid QURLL! Like!

  5. you should defently do a conspiracie theorie on FREED THAT CREEPY BEAR they keep saying he has a back story of being a killer and something to do with kids….his just creepy and kids on you tube have like a thing for watching him HIS CREEPY OKAY… i would love to see you brake it down.

  6. I believe the one about the coins being souls, because if you're playing with a partner and one dies the other player can get a certain amount of coins and you get a new life for your partner.

  7. lol nice i didnt know these. pretty good. lol ive always wondered what was up with Mario punching yoshi too and as soon as you hit something he runs for his life lmao

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