All American Conspiracy Theorists Vindicated!

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  1. I hate tell everyone who reads this but, the have had these capabilities for quite a few years. There is nothing and I mean nothing on the face of this earth that has any type of computer in it that can not be hacked. Everything. The only way around this, is to get a land line, get an old console TV, for those who know what I am talking about. Get rid of your latest model dishwasher, fridge , washer and dryer, car and camera's ect. All the items I have mentioned, do have the capabilities to listen and or record any and everything you do in your home. Notice, the ads on TV for smart homes, where you can control your home's electrical components and locks from your cell phone, new for you, so can they when you sign up for that crap. Don't be fooled people, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  2. we're all in a lot of trouble.. our only hope are those inside who are infiltrating the bad guys . our only hope are those who are working in the government who have access to all this information and will do anything to save the people and there own soul by doing right by god. god bless those who are able and willing to risk there lives to get us the information that is so critical for the people to know. there is so much more that people don't know and some who know all to well and have been living as targeted individuals for many years. this world has gone to shit .. evil has been running it for decades now..

  3. It's a tempting thought, to start treating the gov't like they treat the average citizen. Throw them in prison and seize their bank accounts and other assets. Who knows, we might be able to pay down a significant chunk of our debt if we could get them to squeal on each other with the misplaced hope that they won't spend the rest of their lives in jail by doing so.

  4. I'm at the point in my life where I believe nothing, yet I believe everything. But I most definitely question ALL! Thank God my life is so completely boring and dull they would fall asleep trying to listen to me. Lol!

  5. The old saying "Tell me who you hang around with and I can tell you who you are." They are all the same thank you Hillary for exposing and lifting the veil for the whole world to see you never were competent to begin with, now you will pay what you took from the people. All your evil tricks and scams. We the people is what you left out read the constitution. Over throw all the evil corrupts.

  6. On Michael Hastings, don't forget he drove 90 miles per hour into whatever he hit. Oh and 3 explosions on impact.

  7. It's much easier for a corrupt politician to smear someone as a conspiracy theorist rather than provide a rational argument with which to prove their point. They rely on public apathy not to challenge their agenda, so it's easier just to use the conspiracy slur to shut down the debate. Hopefully, thanks to sites like Mike has here, more and more of the public are starting to realise that we've all been lied to on an industrial scale for years. Again, he who controls the information……….etc.

  8. It's the perfect master plan. We are bugging are self with all the… IT'S SO GREAT IT'S THE NEW WHATEVER… and then they use it to in slave you. They don't have to pay for any of it. SILLY RABBIT TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS.

  9. you had me. then you start limiting the overreach to Obama. this suggests that your pov is skewed by your tribalism. these erosions of rights can be traced back to the Carter administration and continued and grown through each successive administration. step outside the comfort zone of your tribe and you'll have even more of a positive response.

  10. Did anyone else think that these claims about being able to listen in to people when their phone's are off is like some sort of psychological game?

    Maybe too many people were becoming aware of their spying so that had to do some damage control. Maybe they really can't use mics when the phones are off, but if they say that they can, people who are paranoid won't care if the phone is on or off from now on, since mics can listen in whether it is on or off. See what I am saying?

    I just find all of this very odd and have a hard time believing this 'scandal' wasn't somehow manufactured. Plus, Obama signed over control of the internet back in October…I think there is more to all of this then we are being told. Love your videos btw!

  11. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. Glad to have found them. Although short they're slammed pack full of information, verifiable facts. Great for a writer like me! I just signed up for your newsletter as well. Thank you for all your hard work!

  12. This is old news dude, we are in the shift "now".
    The ways and the words we were taught do not apply anymore.
    A carefully laid out game of chess that 9'10ths are going to lose.
    Eight major races and a proposed limit of 500 million souls,
    196 countries and a proposed limit of 500 million souls,
    3 major religions (well?) 2 of which prefer freedom the other serfdom.
    They are the ones that came up with the limited number of 500 million souls.
    there are so many clues being censored or erased by the day, educational standards have gone down and dumbing down has gone up. Vaccines are free but healthy foods cost a mint. Look at the date in this link then open it, https://chemtrailsplanet.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/vatican-100-lire-coin-1985-pope-john-paul.jpg

    Why can't anybody see it, you should do on that..

  13. Everything reported in the WikiLeaks is OLD NEWS! Those of us in the cybernetic and remote sensing fields KNOW the same scanners you see at TSA checkpoints have been computerized and miniaturized to not only read through buildings, but to detect discrete 3D hidden visual features and full frequency sound. Physically placing sensors inside the event horizon is no longer necessary. What the WikiLeaks more or less describes, is programming that has leaked into the wild years ago, all those tools described, have been available to aficionados online.

  14. Not not that I think the C.I.A. is an organization I like,. but there job is to protect America on foreign powers
    Only. the F.B.I. is the law enforcement for domestic crimes. the mea NASA and homeland security are ties between the two. a totally huge redundancy in security. Wikileaks has dubious ties to truth. when asange posyes and embarrassed Obamas presidency and Obama consequentally smeared and put out an arrest order on him (Asange) wikileaks became rather hostile to the United States. that just facts. conspiracy or not I'm not refuting the facts brought up by the commentator here. it's very disturbing the C.I.A was hacked. it's disturbing the C.I.A. has been up to this behavior. in a different time I would have felt good knowing the C.I.A. was on our side. now I'm not vwry happy about that. I think if we cut funding from a department it should be the C.I.A
    maybe restructure homeland or the NSA. their job. just thinking out loud.

  15. and while were focused on this ,meanwhile we are moving 6 thousand troops into romania tanks and choppers included , i fail to see how this is looking out for America first

  16. The American people have a lesson to learn here! In your next incarnation please learn to ask questions. Also learn to read and pay attention! Decide against a television that only makes your already soft brain even softer! Make it a point to educate yourselves and travel–and I am not talking about safe places as you all go in clusters! The American people are a great embarrassment which is the only reason why all of this could have happened! In my next lifetime, I will definitely not live in a country filled with people like you!

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