Alex Jones Of ‘Infowars,’ Conspiracy Theories, And Trump Campaign (Full) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News

Megyn Kelly reports on the incendiary conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and “InfoWars.” » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch …




  1. The megan is a liar and a puppet. The networks are manipulators and abusers. If it hurts too much dont watch. The world is total 666. No one is real. Everything is phony. Believe nothing.

  2. Wow talk about a media spin. They try to trash infowars but they will not succeed. Fake news. Open your eyes people. Don’t fall for these lies.

  3. LOL NBC Globalist Propaganda is more dangerous than anything Alex Jones can possibly say. The Sandy Hook tragedy has been proven to be suspicious and likely staged. Calling it a hoax is too simplistic. It is more of a staged tragedy to try and turn the public against guns. Perhaps some children died but some of the children that supposedly died in this tragedy also died again in other staged tragedies when they reused the photos. And there were supposed parents of the dead children that were laughing and having a great time and on cue they become tearful and begging for an end to gun violence. There were victims at Sandy hook but also a lot of staged events and actors.

  4. I don't doubt that Alex Jones received something that looked like a YouTube email or message. But it doesn't mean that Alex verified the communication before the remarks were made about stopping Alex Jones. No one stops Alex Jones except Alex Jones.

  5. Your just jelous couse he gets way more people following
    Real news not your fake crap
    Look even Trump is with him
    That says it all

  6. Megan Kelly….well maybe you should get out that poster that Rhonda Williams sent you of the real SH 20 kids.If these kids are
    alive, then we can call it a hoax, a farce or a conspiracy.
    The poster has been forensically
    inspected for photoshopping. It passed the test. And recently a network had the poster looked at by their experts and the result was that the matches are good matches. So, hopefully this will all be over soon.
    Our philosophy is if we are wrong and the SH shooting turns out not to be a hoax, then apologizing will be forthcoming and no harm has been done. We have never attacked the children, instead we all cried and sent money like everyone else.
    But our point is, we don’t want those beautiful little innocent children to be in those graves. It’s all about who those kids really are. Just too many questions about the whole shooting and the terrible reaction of the parents that didn’t look real.
    So if we’re right, then that’s when the landslide will start. The fake parents have made millions on their memorial sites.They wrote books and get speaking fees. Just how far up the ladder did this go.
    Stay tuned.

  7. I Cant buy the story of the Father who picked his kid up from school in a body bag! Just wondering where the father took the child in the body bag after he picked him up A COUPLE HOURS after he dropped him off

  8. 911 was based on a lie and the govt was no doubt was behind the 911 attacks, Why would we attack Iraq when they had nothing to do with it. I'm a right wing conservative saying this. The way building 7 came down there is no way is hit by planes.

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