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  1. Also a hand comes out of the trunk in the beginning, possibly Finns hand, also there WAS a war that included nuclear weapons and supposedly in some episodes you see cars with a red star on it. THAT WAS THE CARS THEY USED IN THAT WAR IRL.

  2. THE BRAVEST WARRIORS is in the same universe as Adventure Time. FIRST OF ALL the creators are the same , Planet Earth looks the same in both worlds they both have a hunch of Earth Missing, The Earth looks the same as they both have same things like crazy Plants and Lot of Radioactive bobms in both worlds. The Bravest Warriors maybe the Future timeline of the Adventure Time timeline. And the human in BRAVEST WARRIORS is maybe the great great grandson of Finn , or maybe Susan(MaYBE) , or Betty (Ice King's Girl) , or some human we never met in Adventure Time like maybe BMO creator's grandson

  3. the thing I'm most confused about is why was Marceline abandoned? I mean we all know she w=has a dad so where did he go? why did he leave her alone at such a young age? also we saw a unformed princess bubblegum in an episode with young marcy and simon? and there have been theory's about pb and marcy being connected romantically which was confirmed sooo….gosh there's just so much! AT is my favorite show and I need answers gosh dangit

  4. I'm just wondering how and where the ice kings crown came from saying that they found it 1000 years ago inside of ice, which leads me to think the crown is millions of years older, we need an explanation for that

  5. I heard of this theory somewhere… either that or I made it up and forgot. But its pretty interesting so here;

    The genderbents were originally in the same universe.

    OK, it gets confusing, but listen.

    In the opening credits there are used nuclear bombs, in this conspiracy, they are from the great mushroom war.

    The nuclear energy from the bombs genetically mutated the characters, hence the people made of candy and all.

    But the bomb did more than just that. It caused the characters to split

  6. have you guys tried/ done the Good Luck Charlie- Love, Teddy Theory/ Conspiracy which tells the story of a man who used to work as an intern for Disney and accidentally overheard a press conference where a new show was being pitched called Love, Teddy. The story of a popular 16 year old girl called Teddy who has a baby which her parents raise and each episode is her writing a letter to her daughter always ending it with Love, Teddy. It could all be a guy just making the story up but its still quite interesting! I think its on Creepypasta, but I cant be sure. Sorry if you guys have already done this.

  7. What if Susan strong is Finn's Mother?? And Finn know Simon by his father and that's why Finn dream About Simon but in crazyer way

  8. Um so just curios I've always been a fan of fionna and cake and I'm starting to thing that ice king knew fionna and never gotta chance to be with her because he's been writing all these stories 3 but still. For example on the cartoon network website it says that cake is a fictional cat but on fionnas it says that she is an alternate version of finn which meets she could be in the land of Ooo and they just haven't shown it yet.
    This probably isn't true but it's always nice to thing it is.

  9. no more fin and jake please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its doing my head in

  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/television/comments/4le8ii/the_sofia_the_first_conspiracy_theory/?ref=share&ref_source=link  Sofia father is really King Roland II. Roland love Queen Miranda long before they got married. The King had an affair with Miranda while his late wife was still alive. When Roland wife die he married Miranda making his illegitimate child Sofia a true princess. King Roland and queen Miranda have dark brown hair as Sofia has light brown and the twins Amber and James have blonde hair.

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