Actual Scientist Debunks Geoengineering Conspiracies

David Keith, Professor of Engineering and Public Policy at Harvard University, joins David to discuss solar geoengineering and how emerging technology could …




  1. The engineer describes in very vague terms exactly what they have been doing for 25 years- spraying us with nanoparticulate metals using jet airplanes.

  2. I’m just going to leave this here for all you uneducated folks. David Keith is a lying son of a bitch. There is actual footage on my channel of Mr. Keith stating that his Geoengineering programs may kill tens of thousands a year. How dumb does he think we are?
    Don’t take my word for it, go watch the video yourself.

    Peer-reviewed 2017 study showing that coal fly ash is used in Geoengineering.

    Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International:

    “Contamination of the Biosphere with Mercury: Another Potential Consequence of On-going Climate Manipulation Using Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash”


  3. The reflective take on atmospheric control is a false lead. Capitalism would use it to steal water by using paramagnetic particles released in the air for water vapour to react to an externally generated magnetic field.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Water spewing out of the middle of Texas from the ground that turns instantly into clouds on a regular basis…. From places where there are no bodies of water… And then in California right next to a rather large body of water, they get nothing. No evaporation, no nothing. If you can't see it you are blind. Go to the power plants when rain is forecast and watch the it spew out of the WSAC's… it's easy to see. Just take a little drive and find the proper one's…

  5. Grand Solar Minimum. Coming Ice Age.
    Okay YAY for Captain Wikipedia, at least they got the GSM covered correctly.
    David Keith vomits nonsense.
    We all know that Keith is a doublespeaker.

  6. Bad job of trying to downplay the proof of the damage YOU are doing to our environment. I would love to watch a breakdown explanation of your body language during this video, your shaky voices alone show your lies. I am NOT convinced.

  7. We already are doing geoengineering EVERYDAY, see WeatherWar101, theres IRREFUTABLE evidence every day that power plants CREATE ALL CLOUDS, EVERY DAY, AND HAVE FOR AT LEAST HALF A CENTURY

  8. All they do is attack the people making the argument and try to belittle the argument: this is the mark of disinfo as they never go anywhere near actually taking on the argument itself, properly

  9. Hey you sell out lying sacks o' dung…Lies lies lies lies lies, all I have to do is look up in the sky with my own two eyes and believe what I can see with them, you punks will rot in hell for your lies if you don't repent!!!

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