A Song of Ice and Fire: Cold Conspiracies Part 1

How many of the Northerners are conspiring against the Boltons? How many are conspiring against Stannis? Is there a Great Northern Conspiracy? Are the …




  1. this whole channel is poe's law in action

    it might be a clever satire of insane got fans

    or it might just be an insane got fan

    no way to tell

  2. One thing I find unbelievable is how Wex, could follow Rickon and Osha all the way to the coast of the bay of seals. Did he have alot of coin? Did he hunt for himself when they got really far north? how did this one boy survive treking behind these people with no assistance? and then make it back? How did this Happen?

  3. Sorry I'm just not with you on this one. Robbs will was signed by most of the lords of the north and of riverrun, those who make for Howland Reed in the neck survive, and there is the ship captain who Robb and the north men have dealings with, I need to go back and read those chapters again, but I think its highly likely that if Robbs will hasn't reached Howland Reed through the survivors or Robbs party, then the will was entrusted into the hands of the Captain of the Myraham which coincidentally was headed home to Old Town after having been stuck in Iron born territory for the past 6 months, therefore Robbs will never arrived with him at the Twins, for if it had the Freys would have recovered it, and the Lannisters would have discovered that Jon Snow was named Robbs heir, and Tywin would have made plans to deal with that accordingly.

    Therefore I believe Robbs will and the key to legitimising Jon Snow as King in the North is either in the Neck, or it's in Old Town. Personally my money is on it being in Old Town. When the captain of the Myraham was dismissed from the company of the lords who signed the will, and was told to return later to Robbs tent for his reward. I believe Robb entrusted the will to him at that point in secret.
    And who do we know that's currently in Old Town, and could potentially uncover Robbs will declaring Jon a legitimised Stark and King in the North? None other than Samwell Tarley.

    Furthermore both Blackfish and Edmyre Tully live, having survived the red wedding and they also know about Robbs will. Stoneheart also knows of Robbs will, and she has Robbs crown in her possession. Therefore I don't think it's off base at all to believe Jon is Robbs heir and King in the North.

  4. If Cat had no children who were not either presumed dead, married to the Lannisters, or Rob, it wouldn't make sense for Rob to make her heir. She's nearing the end of childbearing age (she thinks the opposite in Cat I AGoT but if it bears even thinking about, it can't be that far off, at least potentially). If she were to die childless it would create a destructive succession crisis. Who would succeed her? Edmure? Hoster? Brynden? The Karstarks? There would be a civil war in the North and Riverlands for sure, which is something Rob wouldn't want to lay the groundwork for in the middle of a war with the Lannisters.

    I agree that it probably wasn't Jon. Between bastardy and his Night's Watch vow, it's too much to overcome without creating a succession crisis in its own right, the Karstarks would have at least as good a claim as he would.

    There are two people we've overlooked though.

    First is Benjen. He's a trueborn Stark. Sure, he made a vow but so did Jon, so in all it's less of a stretch for him than for Snow. He was missing beyond the wall, but so was Jon around this time. If Rob thinks he can choose Jon, he would think he could choose Benjen.

    The other, and you have to buy Preston's other theory for this to work, is Dany. We know that Ned didn't tell Jon about his parentage or the Tower of Joy, but we don't know what secrets he did and didn't share with his trueborn heir, what secrets he knew they'd both take with them into their crypts. The trueborn son of the second son would come before the bastard daughter of the first son (trueborn or bastard, Dany, as in R+L=D), and probably before the bastard son of the first son (as in B+A=J).

    So there isn't huge fuckery on Ned's part as far as legitimate succession is concerned, plus any of Rob's future trueborn children of his would still be able to inherit. With everybody else otherwise disqualified from succession (vows, presumed death, marriage to Lannisters), Dany would be the only viable Stark heir.

    Add to that whatever rumors Rob may have heard about Dothraki hordes and magical dragons to wreck his enemies, and you've got yourself a stew goin'.

  5. I think Robbs need for Catelyns approval is simply a child naturally wanting a parents approval, especially when you've recently lost the other one and its about the family home. I say that conversation is exactly as it seems. When Robb is rebuffed, he throws the actual irrelevance of her approval in her face.

  6. Man, you really do hate Jon Snow Preston! Every one of your theories serves to cut Jon completely out of the loop. He's not Rhaegars son, he's not Robbs heir, etc. It's almost as if you think he's just some irrelevant guy; the son of two minor characters with no bearing on the story.

  7. Robb isn't stupid so he was going to select someone strong willed knowing Winterfell anyone who's a Stark I don't think it's Cathlyn he would rather someone who's strong and can lead men who better than Jon

  8. Cat is not his heir because
    1.She is a woman
    2.She has no stark blood
    3.She has no battle experience
    4. Decieving her would serve no purpose if she was heir

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