A Crash Course in Breitbart’s Conspiracy Journalism, Pt. 2 – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

Citizen journalism school graduate Kobi Libii sits down with alt-media expert Lee Stranahan to learn the ropes about Breitbart’s signature style of reporting.




  1. The so-called mainstream media too are not far off: they equally played a prominent role in anti Muslim/Arab narrative for decades now. They're even more sophisticated in their racism.

  2. Kobi needs to move on to daily show so more people will know of him, holy shitttttt. So sad that the opposition gets less views 🙁

  3. Globalism or global trade is a good thing, the more countries trade and become dependant on each other the less likely they are to war on each other.

  4. This is genius. Finally a show which has the balls to stand up to the alt-right media and expose their lies with the same aggressive and in your face tactics as the one used by alt-right media itself. Finally someone can give them the taste of their own medicine

  5. This show Absolutely accomplished what it was set out to do and managed to be funny at the same time the opposition was awesome!!!! It exposed sites like Breitbart and Infowars as complete frauds absolute Liars bigots and supporters of corporatism. It exposed Breitbart and Infowars as being completely unamerican trash and con artist… Alex Jones and his type did not have a leg to stand on and they could never come back with anything rational after they were exposed because it's just the facts all packed into a comedy show it was brilliant, and the end of this video was absolutely awesome, I honestly didn't know how he didn't spit right in Stranahan's face that guy is a piece of garbage scumbag

  6. Breitbart and Infowars have basically faded into a relevant see if anyone wants a good laugh go to Infowars and watch the free Alex Jones rally hardly anyone showed up the 20 or 30 people they gathered were from all over the country, Infowars is going down in flames and that's why I say this show was excellent, it was part of a big chain of people fighting back against scumbags like that ,those people are a Cancer… this Trump crap this Infowars this tea party garbage is the last gasp of people trying to hold the whole entire country back and it's not going back….. people from the East Coast and all the populated areas know full well that everyone can get along and live together there might be some disagreements and whatever but we all work it out. That old backwards way is never going to again for gain a foothold the trumptards are going down in flames

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