9/11: Conspiracy Theories & The Unanswered Questions | Documentary

Check out the Top5s 9/11 Documentary ▻▻ goo.gl/6zWJGU. The 9/11 attack on the United States killed caused thousands…




  1. it was a set up for the USA to enter iran with the full support of the USA people which is a powerful tool, I think it was a tragic event but I fear the USA think that it needed to kill it's own people to go over sea and do whatever they please

  2. let's hope that the files in which this whole setup is written is not destroyed and get disclosed so that w'll destroy everyone who was involved in the million of deaths (us people, iraq people , and the people from afghnistan) and every attack that al-Qaeda and Taliban has every done, they have revealed that they have done it

  3. Ya , the F…. Bush did!!! when i see the man jumping out of the building just to prevent from burning in fire, it breaks my heat!!! I am not American. I am just another human being who see this Inside job plot disgusting .

  4. this is the greatest mystery in our lifetime…this life,this world is so strange,sometimes i think this is all just a dream,some kind of illusion

  5. How did the buildings fall from the bottom tho? RIP All the innocent lives of 9/11. And RIP the millions of innocent lives Iraq had to lose.

  6. While 9/11 is honestly a very tragic event and my condolences goes out to all victims and their families, there is a lot of sus shit surrounding this event.

  7. lol now I really know that americans are stupid ….out of the 2976  working there no one notice strange guy carrying tons of explosives for months …it is a wonder you americans stupid asshole have survived so far ….lol

  8. Wait, so if the hijackers are still alive & permanently in-prisoned or just killed who was flying the planes into the towers?? (This is a legit question testing that theory btw)

  9. I would stop thinking that this is an inside job but there's so much sketchy information that it makes it difficult and I think the public should get to see other videos of the Pentagon getting his not just one small clip

  10. Larry Silverstein was given ~$6 billion. If I were given that much, I would spend at least $2 billion on an investigation to find out why my recent investment (WTC 1 & 2) were attacked and how they collapsed. and at least $2 billion on helping the families of everyone affected by it (i.e: firefighter's and clean up worker's health care)

  11. When he says "Pull" talking about building 7 he just means to pull the firefighters out of it and let it burn. That seems so obvious, but of course conspiracy losers only hear and see what they want.

  12. I'm Former Army/ARNG (Army Nat'l Guard of both Fort Gordon GA and Saint Paul MN) from 9.8.2008 until 9.8.2016. Having this happen when I was 12, My Father, a 20+-Year Northwest Airlines Mechanic, KNEW it was a SHAM the day of the incident, BROKE EVERYTHING BREAKABLE IN THE HOUSE THAT DAY……he lost 8 friends, 6 of which were FDNY… My family and Myself Cast OUR DOUBTS. Father knew the 747 WEREN'T Commercial.

    Dying 4 days from his 49th BDay, He Took his passionate claims with BIG Nuggets of TRUTH. 9AUG1960 – 5AUG2009. I was 1,500MI away in Georgia, hearing my Father Bled into a Coma, walking like a FUCKING ZOMBIE, RUSHED to Regions Hospital in St. Paul…I didn't take it well if you'd guess…

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