9/11 Conspiracy: The Missing 28 Pages

The 28 missing pages from the 9/11 Commission Report were finally declassified in July 2016. But why were they kept a secret for so long? And are we being …




  1. how can you be sure if the saudi wants to destroy the america ……what is the main reason
    dont make a any fire that is not legitimate just to destroy a certain group of muslim why would saud will destroy a good relationship between two nation that is a provider by the oil……….think about that?????

  2. pretty obvious that an open fire cannot melt steel beams. A fire needs to be ABOVE 2,800 dergees F (1.540 degrees C). An open fire burns up to 2,600 degrees celsius. Therefore some type of explosive device must have benn used to break the beams. Most likely thermite was used in the incident, as when ignited by heat thermite undergoes an exothermic reduction -oxidation (redox) chemical reaction, resulting a brief burst of very instense heat and explosions. Furthermore thermite can burn up to 5,000 degrees F, easily melting and breaking the beams, resulting in both towers collapsing. (Keep in mind that thermite is military-grade and very expensive, and that most workers working on the day before the incident noticed an abundace of dust and many noises that sounded like someone was pushing heavy items, and tyat the gold stashed on the uaccessibe floor 34 was removed too.)

  3. TRUMP:
    9/11 was a disaster!
    Source: You know it, I know it, we all know it.
    Iraq war was a disaster,
    Source: You know it, I know it, we all know it.
    Alltime Conspiracies is snitching on the government,
    Source: You know it, I know it, we all know it.

  4. the ugly truth : saudi arabia is middle east's cancer
    they support and educate jihadists to fight their (or their friend"s) proxy wars
    they brought US invasions to IRAQ , and licking ass to bring it to Syria
    911 is a trivial masquerade to the real act on play ,, ladies and gentlemen
    its all about mutual interests of the royal family buisness with the yanks
    stop the racial or ideological hate ,, the game is much bigger than all of you

  5. its 2016, if anyone still believes the official story and that bush had nothing to do w 9/11, they are either gullible, mentally challenged or a child…

  6. it's so disgusting how US government play the victim and blame the Saudi government for every thing ,with evidences they created "Of forgery"
    firstly: Iraq and Afghanistan who was responsible of the attack but after they had been completely destroyed NOW out of the blue Saudi Arabia which is responsible the question now who is next?

    No one is stupid nor the Americans neither the Saudis
    we knew who create al Qaeda in the first place"FYI: US government"
    and financed them with weapons and millions of dollars in the early 1980 and that what Hillary Clinton admit by herself,

    WE ALL KNEW that the towers bombing was not caused by a planes but by a nuclear material planted on each floor
    and that what Susan Lindauer the former CIA agent expose.
    there is a plenty of evidences which proved that no one BUT the US government did this horrible massacre and thousand of others ,
    and NOW to blame the Saudi government is not but a joke.

  7. OK, let's talk about motivation. Why would The House of Saud would attack an ally? Are they seriously that driven by fanatism? Also, Al Qaeda seems like something toxic to a monarchy that close to the west… Funding and supporting it seems idiotic and the downright equivalent of shooting oneself in the foot!

  8. the 9/11 was prepared by G bush and Al saaoud to invade iraq and eliminate the only threat to Saudi arabia in middle east ' Sadam Hussein ' .

  9. If you take 911 and put the 9 in the middle 191 you can see the ? and who is behind the attacks check behind the dollar bill YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT. SPREAD the TRUTH

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