9/11 conspiracies debunked by explosives expert

David Menzies talks with explosives expert Ron Craig, who debunks many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the September 11, 2001 Muslim terrorist …




  1. He's emotionally invested in the notion that the Muslims did it. Those planes had to weaken 110 Floors. There just wasn't enough fuel or time for those planes to melt the towers, the fires were oxygen starved immediately after impact. Now NANO THERMITE charges in the lower and middle columns would have brought the towers down. Building 7 was a football field away and it collapsed but buildings nearby the WTC site are still standing. If you believe this shit your an asshole.

  2. wow i really trusted the rebel until now. i thought he was going to convince me. for the record i don't blame the Jews or Bush and I love America but 911

    was an inside job

  3. This is bullshit. They found accelerants in the dust samples. Multiple scientists around the world have confirmed it. This video sucks.

  4. So I need to believe this clown over a barrage of architects and engineers in the states and abroad that have refuted the miniscule claims of "experts" like this over and over again with actual facts…..yeah, I'll get right on that.

  5. The one thing that gets me is our country as tech savvy and smart and sneaky as it is. This is the plan they would come up with?? Come on! If our government did this why not hide a car full of bombs that would never come back on them!! No let's give terrorists 4 plans and hope they don't change course!! And have 100s of people call their families and lie. It just to stupid of a plan to believe.

  6. So glad that he explained how a small portion of a building can collapse trough a much larger portion of undamaged building, full of room tempered steel at close to free fall speeds, im now going to start my own controlled demolitions company based on this science, i will only use some jet fuel instead of explosives, and ill get the job done in 2-3 hours instead of weeks or even months for a fraction of the cost! 🙂 (ill call the company DTLOP acronym for defying the laws of physics)

  7. I watched this video first and then set out to check how accurate his statements were. I found that the first 6 myths are proven true via eyewitness testimony, first-hand experience, scientific journals, firefighter testimony and later debriefing interviews, and the US Geologic Survey. The 7th myth I had a difficult time finding one way or the other, so I really don't have an opinion. I will tend to believe an eyewitness trapped inside building 7, hours after both buildings had fallen, that he and another individual were hearing and feeling explosives, then a guy who wasn't there. Likewise, I'll tend to believe a guy on film in the basement of the WTC complex dragging out a guy whose skin is melted off and saying there was an explosion in the basement. Perhaps instead of sticking to his guns, he should be more open minded and do some research himself.

  8. This is the most important question: How can 2 planes bring down 2 twin towers please some one explain? No matter what happend that day the Tower had to come down, i can not imagine both buildings brought to ground zero just by 2 planes, and the timing they fall and how perfect it comes down this was professional work by the millitairy airforce of the USA to start agenda too take over the middle east Syrie, Iraq, Afganistan, Lybia, next thing will be Iran Turkey North Korea

  9. The world trade centre was made of a robust steel exoskeleton, the planes would have mostly crumpled on the side of the buildings possibly exploding and mostly fallen to the street and no more than a couple of dozen people if that would have died. The planes were likely custom prepared and were targeted to hit specific parts of the building in time with planted explosives to create the desired believable effect. The building were rigged with explosives also for the controlled demolition. Building 7 is enough proof for anyone with half a brain and most people with any basic sense and perception of physics would not buy the story these building would collapse into their own foot prints due to planes crashing hundreds of metres away from the lower floors

  10. It's obvious Americans don't believe the government did it or they would revolt that's what every other nations people would do. So when they pick up arms to overthrow the corrupt government and avenge they're fallen countrymen i may believe it. Smart people start the myth and make good money when the morons buy it

  11. funny how this gentleman tell us this, but the owner of the wc7 said it was brought down. THIS MAN IS LYING WITH ALL HIS TEETH. this america for you – the best country in the world – where you kill your own and get paid to lie about it

  12. "Absolutely no shred of evidence of explosion…none whatsoever"…….Please explain how billions of iron sphere particles were found in large concentrations of dust, that under close examination contained traces of thermite. Not just any thermite but military grade nano thermite. Here is the full documentary from Chartered Engineers and Architects who have conducted an independent research https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYUYya6bPGw&t=553s

  13. Who's opinion would you trust more. An explosives expert who has no engineering education (I could be wrong) who is giving an opinion not based on science. Or do you trust hundreds of Chartered Engineers consisting of Architects, Structural Engineers, Metallurgists, Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mathematics and Physics Professors who conduct their work solely based on science and say they do not believe the official NIST report into the how the buildings collapsed?? Watch this to find out more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYUYya6bPGw&t=553s

  14. "Not 1 iota of scientific evidence that explosives were used to bring down the towers, absolutely none" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! yeah ok then,, go back to dome-world flatard!!

  15. Sorry buddy, when a structural engineer says there is no way those planes could take down those buildings then it's over. Case closed. This guy has no clue.

  16. This guy should have appeared at the 9/11 truth conference in Toronto. Better yet he should write his own paper showing how these buildings collapsed. Then we can debunk him

  17. This is a joke…anyone who believes the governments official story honestly doesn't know how to use there brain….it's been totally hijacked and that's the 100% truth. People use your logical part of the brain please…there's no way those buildings fell the way hey did from office fires…especially 7 lol it's unbelievably dumb to think steel structure buildings would even have the potential to do that from office fires. There was also more evidence then this propogandist speak of.

  18. No one can debunk the truth….lol this debunking video is terrible like all the rest…for those who still sleep need to wake up to reality.

  19. Notice how this video gets more thumbs down than thumbs up? Well thats because you cant hide the truth and this video is an attempt to hide the truth with more lies. Really? No people injured from explosions? Is that why witnesses described people that were killed in the basement and people that had their outter skin completely ripped off their bodies?? Wow.
    And how about the firefighters that were witnesses and talked about the explosions in the basement 20 minutes after the jets hit the buildings.
    Not to mention all the rescue workers that saw and talked about the molten steel underneath all the rubble which can only happen if there were explosives that were used.
    Oh, and how about common sence.. steel structured buildings do not just collapse. They need to be brought down by commercial demolition and that's exactly what we see in the videos where you can clearly see the squib explosions going off before the main collapse fallows afterwards.
    What a joke. I love how these people think lies can cover up lies.
    Got news for you evil doers.. the truth will always come out. And may God have mercy on your souls.

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