1. What I'm wondering is, what about the other two planes? The one that hit the Pentagon and the one who was going to hit the White House.

  2. Barry, please. The issue with the first video isn't that you were one sided or that your viewers were closed minded. You said things were "physically impossible" when talking about things that are actually possible. The evidence which you presented was flawed and it's very easy to see why. Having an open mind doesn't mean believing everything you hear, you are being closed minded here by not scrutinizing the evidence.

  3. I dont realy like conspiracies, i think they are stupid stupid but interesting, and politics because evrything you say is controversial so i dont form an opinion of my own, I mostly try to debunk other people's opinions i just comes natural of off me. With that aside, if the goverment had planned this wouldnt they have thought about the physical side of things could they be that dumb?

  4. This feels more realistic and seems to be true, the U.S. Government has the power to fake this and do this. After all the government is a bunch of people like us, but with the power to do this.

  5. when observing an event like this, a basic understanding of physics and science is not sufficient. I'm not a scientist, but information can explain all aspects of the attack. You must remember, this was no small scale building collapse and these were no small planes, the biggest buildings in the world, and some really big planes. people try and explain always the videos, but you cannot compare these to some small building demolition. now, this only covers the physical aspect of the attack. what im surprised people don't speculate about, is that the gov, if they really wanted this to happen, could just get some people to do it for them, or somehow trick some terrorist into doing it. that seems veeery likely possibility. dont have to fake anything, its easy, and seems like what the gov would have done.

  6. I just want to say that I don't think that the government did it. I will, however, respect your opinion. However, I think that a far more likely story is that something else happened, but a plane was more exiting fo the media. And your point about the 2 clips, some screaming some planes is once again, it make the media more exciting.

  7. Hey Hitler killed 6 million people and his a christian. I dont here people hating christian. America and their double standard. Luckily there are people like you Barry.

  8. Barry, conspiracy theories exist for one and only reason: Because some people don't want to accept reality (or what they're told as reality).
    In 9/11's case, 'Muricans don't want to accept that their "awesome" country was so vulnerable to international terrorism. This state of denial is easily shown by all the straw-grasping that truthers do, their pitiful arguments resting on scientific illiteracy or appeals to "common sense". You demonstrate this exact behavior yourself, by using a mere video compression artifact as legit enough evidence that the plane never existed… Overall, it's understandable that so many people want this "theory" to be real, as it provides them with a bit of extra comfort. It's lies, after all, that keep this world spinning…

  9. Barry-Some 911 researchers claim that the "Bin Ladn Confession video"was made with someone just resembling Bin Ladn.. I saw their evidence,which seemed very credible.

  10. One interesting fact:

    The videos where the planes hit is only at 24fps.

    The planes where going 500 mph or so.

    Could explain some things.

  11. I will say this my neighbor saw the second plane with his own eyes though he missed the first as he of course didn't expect a plane

  12. My question to the people who don't believe in a god and say science is the cause for our live
    (Like the big bang and all) theres no art without a artist
    So why is there life without a god? (I dont hate you if you dont believe in god)

  13. I myself believe in a handful of conspiracy theories, including the 9/11 controlled demolition one. I don't know if that really matters if in the end the buildings were still demolished the same way.

    Some conspiracy theories most definitely have Merit so, you just have to have the intelligence and critical thinking skills to be able to differentiate between the possible ones and shit like the Flat Earth. if you don't believe if there are any real conspiracies, in the government or you don't believe any big ones can happen, please watch this with an open mind.
    Ask yourself, is the government wasn't involved in any huge conspiracies with many people involved, why would they run a campaign like this?
    I'm working on tracking down the document they show in this video.

    Note: they do sometimes get a little out on that channel, but they're spot on here and they are showing real evidence. if you choose to watch this channel cover other subjects just know that they get a little out there sometimes, But they have a lot of good information on the channel as well. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to use critical thought.


  14. I am very well aware this video is old but Osama Bin Laden NEVER claimed responsibility. He condoned them. His most wanted poster does not credit him for 9/11.

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