8 Most Widely-Believed Alien Conspiracy Theories

It’s very likely that we’re not alone in the universe, and there have been many claims of alien sightings, and alien life visiting our planet, so there’s no short of …




  1. in Australia the natives painted a picture of aliens coming down to earth. The painting is like 40,000 years old

  2. see these knuckleheads think that the CIA killed Kennedy rather than just lie to him about UFOs. yes, let's KILL THE PRESIDENT rather than give him a false report.

  3. like I said the the the only thing that separates us from the other worlds an universe is time… gotta learn how to use the gates that connects all worlds that's how they travel .

  4. yes ancient civilizations show and speak of beings from the heavens(space) so they can do all the cover ups there's those of us that no the real truth…that's y i love living in a country that the government don't have the time or technology to hide a UFO so I see a lot going in the night sky

  5. George Bush Sr. was head of the CIA at the time. thanks George for killing a good man. we haven't been right since. piece of filth, you and your entire family.

  6. What if Aliens created all life on Earth and what we see as evolution is actually them making subtle changes with biological science?

  7. #8 instead of disclosing Nasa ufo related data….. disclosing the fact its all bullshit Hollywood and the ufo technology is ancient tech.

  8. Want to see something real crazy? In front of a mirror butt naked spread your cheeks and gaze into your hairy asshole in amazement.

  9. So if the black knight is there in space why has nobody tried to dock with it or bring it back to earth for analysis and shit.

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