8 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

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  1. ooooooki, but 5g is just a weapon that can be used to kill off a big amount of the population without them even realizing it. 5g high frequency microwaves can be turned up high or low depending on who is targeted. 5G is a dangerous thing that will kill many people. It will be like a web, entangling all and we will never be able to escape, unless the system somehow goes down… How about that conspiracy for ya?

  2. i was just reading the constitution. it says the president has to be a natural born citizen but does not define the term. even if obama was not born in hawaii ( and i'm not saying he wasn't. how would i know either way) he could still make the case for being a natural born citizen, because it is not in dispute his mother was definitely a us citizen

  3. a lot of leaders have neen called the antichrist, bfd. i can swear to you right now on a stack of bibles without opening any of them that it does not say anything about muslims in the book of revelation, as muslims did not exist when it was written

  4. even if 6% of dems believe obama is they antichrist, it doesn't follow they voted for a person they believe is the antichrist. you may not be aware that self identifying or even registering as a democrat doesn't mean you have to vote for all their candidates

  5. you may not, however, be aware that the drug frequently given for hiv back in the 80s and 90s did make people more sick and most of the survivors from that era are actually those who were not undergoing treatment at the time. as i understand it, treatment has since improved

  6. sure why not? my white friend, the one with all the mixed babies, converted to islam over a man, an african american former protestant of some kind. he once told me his mother is an eastern star( lady freemason)

  7. Obama is of Muslim descent! His father was a Muslim. Obama Jr, the ex-POTUS, born in Hawaii, is a Christian, but his father was a Muslim. The conspiracy theory is that the ex-POTUS is a Muslim _himself_.

  8. 1. Project Paperclip
    2. I'm so glad
    3. your channel doesn't have very many likes
    4. British bourgeois
    5. Try doing something else
    6. "Culturecrash!"
    7. you started off on the wrong foot

  9. Ooh, ooh! I have something to add to the Obama one! Islam didn't even exist when any of the New Testament was written. 2 Thessalonians is considered the oldest accepted fragment of the New Testament, written around 300 AD, Islam wasn't founded until at LEAST 610 AD.

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