7 SPACE Conspiracies that Will BLOW Your Mind

7 Space Mysteries and Conspiracies In November 2014 the world rejoiced as the Rosetta spacecraft successfully dispatched the Philae lander onto the comet …




  1. climate change caused by us you stupid people. we cutting down somany tree and build somany building, no tree = NO life.
    we need O2 to breath and tree produce O2. and I want to kill all tree haters

  2. Ok so am I the only one who thinks that the pictures of these satelites appear very CGI? And How did we get all these extra close up photos of the these "Satelites" with extremely distant planets in them? Seems like it'd be pointless to even send satelites out if we can already see the planets up close like that.

  3. If you give me a personal space suit and a pop up habitat that sets itself up on impact, and thus will be set up when I arrive on the moon, Ill go on that ride.

  4. the goat guy isn't lucifer… That's the wiccan father god. Lucifer was, according to the bible, the most beautiful of angels. So it makes no sense that they'd portray him as a goat. Then again, many Christian concepts don't make sense..

  5. number 4 is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. Adding radiation to jupiter would not create a star. that would be impossible. it even if its mass was somehow able to be as much as our sun, it would still not become a star. who ever believes this has to be the most ignorant people on this earth.

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