From racist sterilizations and experiments through to fabricated reasons for war, here are seven real government conspiracies. Narration provided by JaM …




  1. Gotta love that good ol' US of A… a land where guns, alcohol, racism and power are prioritized above human life. What a paradise! U – S – A, U – S – A! Let's shoot our neighbor for looking at us funny! Let's drink away all our problems! Let's scream the word "freedom" to justify our immoral actions!

  2. Nothing of worth in this video really. There are far more serious conspiracies that are very clearly reall and you didn't mention them. The fact you showed MK Ultra at the start beside a tin-foil hat image, shows you're misinforming people. MK Ultra was real yet you don't even mention it? Weird.

  3. I'm starting to feel that democracy isn't made to actually represent a majority or a "We the people" kind of thing, but to establish sophisticated control over the populace's varying of interests or opinions through a mask called "government". If you'll say you can't believe that, take note of the direction the government is taking. Also, I'd like to believe they might be using that control for "good" or non-evil purposes. Do hope so.

  4. the government doesn't need to make a case for war. if they wanted war they would just fucking go to war. they need the general public to give them "permission."

  5. Government bodies are so very few; we the people however, are the mass, the majority! We can avoid unnecessary and illegal wars; suffering and harm to innocent and fellow human beings. The first sensible step for us, I firmly believe is, to wake up and be responsible for how we think and accept, what kind of world we wish to live in!

  6. Anyone else thinks the insanity of some of the feminists/SJWs could be cointelpro? Or maybe what's left from cointelpro many years ago?

  7. What if this guy was just another person hired by the government to spread this information to hide whats actually going on.. Just a what if?

  8. I noticed that it's always Right-Wing people, and it's always about race if it's not about war.

    Sounds to me like Donald Trump is racist.

  9. that fuckin cross dressing Hoover such a hypocrite , he dressed as a woman secretly and was half black. Imagine that , but he was smart he had something on everyone and blackmailed everyone to get what he wanted.

  10. It bothers me that you did not include Margaret Sanger. I support pro choice within reason, but her intention when she founded planned parenthood was to target reproductive rights of minorities. I would hate to discover that you are politically correct because I otherwise enjoy your videos.

  11. Are we ever safe? Is anything ever fair? Are we always informed? Do we have a say? Do we have a chance? Do we have free will? Do we have liberty?

  12. 9/11 was a perfect way into iraq watch 9/11 tje new pearl harbor great documentary.read operation northwoods amd listen to william rodriguez speech the last man out of the twin towers he is a hero who saved hundreds of lives gave up fame and fortune to get justice for his 200 friends who died on the top of the world resturant in the towers.he heard and felt an explosion in b2 level 1 minute before plane hit tower but they kept that out of the commission report.

  13. the Criminally Insane Agency murders more people before 5 am than any other criminal organization. Democracy disguising facism and racism is still facism. You should be ashamed of yourselves and commit agency suicide. Murder, racism, drug running, prostitution, sabotage, subversion, human experiments, forced sterilization, ruining cultures, infesting our cities with crack, lying to cause war, how do u sleep ever? How are the 4th of July dimension binary codes going?

  14. Well the contras still exist, at least in Mexico, the CIA sponsors the organized crime in Mexico, drugg smuggling, people smuggling, forced prostitution organ trafic, etc etc-

  15. I enjoyed the video but just wanted to point out that at 9:58 you're referring to an incident in 2003 and you've got a photo with "je suis charlie" which happened just a few years ago. I realize that doesn't really change the point of the video but it's kind of out of place.

  16. It's government sanctioned things like Tuskegee and their efforts to sterilize minorities that I use as proof that we live in a system designed to oppress minorities.

    Most whites just don't get it, it's not just the culture and the social stigma that comes from being a minority it's the very subtle brainwashing that causes the stigma in the first place.

    If you don't understand how bad we have it after discovering how generations of Minorities were given STDS to render us sexually inept and infertile than you'll never get it and it's sad.

    If the government is willing to do that, can you imagine how easy it is for them to keep us uneducated, impoverished, and physically incapable of improvement? That's what white privilege is.

    Only the most brilliant and stalwart of minorities will ever become lawyers or doctors and even then they face intense scrutiny meanwhile any white guy with a lick of intelligence or a lot of cash can work their way up the ladder because the system has always favored them and never installed things like EOA or government sanctioned Ethnic Bias.

    Just look at Obama, he had a Ph.D in Law from Harvard and taught as professor for 8 years, he worked his butt off climbing the harsh political landscape to become the first Black President the dude grew up in a time when Police were allowed to hose blacks down in the streets. But to the American public he's just another stupid try hard nigger.

    Meanwhile Trump never had to work hard a day in his life and probably has an IQ of 98, but he's seen as some sort of Magnanimous Maverick of society.

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