7 More CREEPY Nickelodeon Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE!

7 More CREEPY Nickelodeon Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE! Welcome back to the channel everybody! In today’s video, we have another list about …




  1. This had me dying! OMG LOL! Everytime he said someone was doing drugs! LMAO and no proof either haha! It's just funny to think about all these people doing drugs for like no reason whatsoever! 😆

  2. Man, WTF are you talking about? Pete´s little Brother Pete isn´t a Hallucination and also Artie isn´t. If you ever watched the Show you would realize that little Pete and Artie are REAL (in the Show I mean)! Both Parents, the Neighbours and also all other Kids and People SEE and interact with little Pete and yes, also with Artie. Theory or not, it´s just stupid to think that little Pete and Artie would be Hallucinations.

  3. Ok what if danmy was in a coma (stupid as it sounds) and his everytime he goes ghost, its him leanining more towards dying and letting go of everything, and when he chamges back thats him fighting for life, all the ghosts are the others in the hospital who died.

  4. I have a theory about Veggie tales
    The vegetables were actually athyist who have are Hippocrates and died and the kitchen is actually hell
    Bob was a wise fat 19 year old who committed suicide for people making fun of him
    Junior is a wise 6 year old and as a human. He died of I'm still trying to see why he died
    Larry died of addiction of anti depressents that is why he's all ways happy
    Archie committed suicide of being spoiled. He's the Squidward of veggietales and he hung himself because no one would do anything for him
    And the gourds had an eating dissorter and it cured and kept on eating
    And their in hell cause of the Bible lesson

  5. "Hey can you make a theory?"
    "Sure, how?"
    *Hands over paper

    1. Include drugs
    2. Doesn't work? Then mention a coma
    3. Be unoriginal, such as using; clichà's, overrated, etc
    4. If you're up to this, try your best, your fucked

  6. Doug: BULLSHIT! Mr. Dink was inventor and he wanted someone to either show interest or help him out. FOP: Too much like other theories. Thornberries: Again, too much like other theories. Danny Phantom: No, it was put to close after viewership dwindled idiot. Drake & Josh: Don't even fucking start. Lots of actors work in multiple shows. Jennete, Noah Munck, Victoria Justice, etc. Good Burger: I still say that doesn't make sense. Pete & Pete: Too much like other theories

  7. I came up with, what I think, is a better conspiracy for iCarly. Spencer is actually Carly's father. Her mother either died in childbirth or did not want to keep her because she was too embarrassed for anyone to know that she had a baby by someone like Spencer. (Not to be funny but he's got some disability.) His parents raised her as their own. After his mother died, there was a trust that was used to pay for the apartment that they lived in because Spencer cannot hold down a regular job (hence the disability theory) which is how he affords such a lofty apartment. His father just humors him in believing that he actually went to and graduated fro law school, otherwise, why would he be funding his lifestyle?

  8. i'm sorry but i started laughing when they got to the wild thornberries theory XD LOL! i will never take that show seriously again.

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