7 shocking super bowl conspiracy theories What other crazy Super Bowl conspiracies do you think may have some truth? Any other Sports lists you want us to …




  1. This guy is a fuckiNg HOE I got distracted by how unfunny and stupid af he was and he to rewind the video and now commenting about it SMH

  2. TPS Dude……what the heck are you wearing? Somebody stretched the hell outta the neck of your t-shirt and it makes you look homeless. Find out who it was and spank 'em. Also, why are you wearing a knit cap indoors? Wait, are you really homeless??

    LOL. Just kidding. good vid.

  3. The Panthers-Patriots one is just sour grapes, you could say the same thing about the Panthers seeing how both teams played similarly in regards to scoring. Never mind the fact the Patriots, for some reason, squibbed a kick to end the first half (giving Carolina 3 points) or that their kicker kicked a ball out of bounds. Just because you change stuff up does not mean it will work, it was an anomaly season for the Panthers, and that's them trying to rationalize the fact they weren't good enough that day to win.
    Also are you kidding me with the Rams-Patriots one? THAT STORY WAS RETRACTED because it was PROVEN FALSE! It was a former disgruntled employee who was fired by the team trying for his 15 minutes of fame. He claimed to have tapes but he didn't have them because they didn't exist. Maybe the Rams lost because they didn't get Faulk involved in the game enough. Maybe throwing a pick 6 also doesn't help your team win either.

  4. This is no lie: Super Bowl 51. Pats Falcons. There was a conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump ORDERED Atlanta to lose because he didn't want Atlanta to win. Why didn't he want Atlanta to win??? Because he didn't want Atlanta to win due to Atlanta being a black majority city. Can't make this shit up.

  5. I'm the broncos Seahawks game one of the Seahawks players put his thumb up to the broncos player and then all of a suddden the Seahawks player went under the broncos player

  6. Another conspiracy is the deflation stuff from the pats, but who knows, it could've been the seahawks, cuz the had no proof of the deflation

  7. there is a crazier theory about super bowl 3 its that Broadway joe sold his soul to the devil to win the game and the jets will never win another one while joe is alive

  8. 51 falcoln lose the super bowl the 2nd time 50 cam did not run the ball and score more 49 Russell did not run the ball 48 broncos fail at snaping the ball 47  the ravens kill the 49ers 46 tom brady fail at a hail mary 45 packers cheated  44 saints should have lost 43  cardinal are never going to win 42 again tom get beat up bye the giants 41colt ran against the easiest team ever the bears 40 the steelers stole the  win for the hawks

  9. What other crazy Super Bowl conspiracies do you think may have some truth?

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