7 Craziest Kim Kardashian Robbery Conspiracy Theories

More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews There’s nothing like a high-profile unsolved robbery to get the internet swirling with conspiracy theories.




  1. why does Kim look like a transgender now?? She needs to stop chiseling that face because shes at the point where everybody will soon be saying " she was pretty but got addicted to all of her plastic surgeries…anyways as far as her little heist hoax, she managed to get her husband out of a concert I'm sure he didn't feel like going to, and best believe if those were her jewels, she has insurance on them, so shes getting paid for her little publicity stunt

  2. The reason why Taylor had so many people in her squad was so that if anyone messed with her, she had backup. Taylor took her "squad" and robbed Kim in revenge for the whole Kimye incident.

  3. is it not suspicious that the body guard got appraised a couple weeks ago about that guy who tried to kiss her ass, literally. and then note they're bringing his name up again?

  4. There are lots of opinions about the authenticity of the robbery & at the end of the day, any hotel the K's stay in have massive cameras & security so, the truth will come out!

  5. That same day while people were reading about Kim and bla bla bla , nobody was reading about Pentagon that paid P.R. Firm half a billion dollars to fake ISIS videos.

  6. For me it is terribly hard to believe that a woman as beautiful, sexy, and on display as Kim Kardashian, would not be sexually assaulted in any way. Number one reason why it's hard for me to believe this story.

  7. I may not like her or her family but this wife and MOTHER got robbed at gunpoint and she can't catch a fucking break from these rumors. Imagine that was you and people are saying you're doing it for attention. Her actions after this has made it CLEAR this wasn't staged at all.

  8. If only hotels had safes. Interesting how KK opens the door to a bunch of cops with masks on though. Come right in, I'm just chillin by myself with 10 mil in jewelry. 5 cops in masks often drop by so I'm not at all concerned and I won't bother calling anybody before I open this door right here.

  9. Am I the only one that notices the bodyguard has a VERY FRENCH NAME, so clearly he has ties to France. I'm betting that he was the mastermind behind it…think about it the thieves asked for the "rapper's" wife & I'm sure pascal hates kanye's guts so he plotted to take the ring the rapper got Kim. Come on the bodyguard is the only one that knows 100% that the coast will be totally clear for the thieves everyone else can only speculate that Kim would be all alone w/o security detail. The French named body guard clearly has ties to France so that's his ppl who did the job ..ONCE AGAIN U CANT HAVE A MORE FRENCH NAME THAN THE BODYGUARD's.

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