7 Conspiracy Theories that Were Actually TRUE

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  1. The whole material on your channel is tin-foil hat stuff. Don`t you think you sounded like a huge hypocrite there? Videos with titles such as:  "Evidence That Ancient NUCLEAR WAR Occurred 4,000 YEARS Ago"  Now THAT is tin-foil hat stuff.

  2. There was a time in a America history, when every Japanese citizen of America was forced to stay in a internment camp. How Hawaii was forced to be Annexed and the culture messed with it, it became the 50th state of the United States of America for reasons. I'll admit they keep their promises even as little as yoy might get back in return, it just matters how much you fight back and agree from the get go. These are no conspiracy, this is * Facts*.

  3. @Beyond Science , hey Mike Chen, totally off subject but I just watched a strange and thrilling movie on Amazon called The Phoenix Tapes 97 it really had me wound up!! I was wondering if you could use your resources and find out if this movie was the real deal. maybe… just a thought, I cant get the flick off my mind.

  4. As always Mike, great video! Short, concise and at times, humerous.
    Conspiracy theories are somewhat of an enigma. It's hard to know which ones are valid and which ones are simply paranoid delusions. The latest case I'm aware of is the shooting that occured in Las Vegas just a month ago. Some say there was more than one shooter and that the CIA may have been behind it. I would like to believe that that isn't true, however, given that history repeats itself, how many rulers and governments throughout time have enslaved its' own people? This nation is definitely headed in that direction. I've said it a thousand times and I'll keep saying it, our worst enemy as American citizens is not ISIS or The Taliban, it's our own Federal Government. Terrorists from outside this Country wouldn't give us a second glance if the politicians in Washington DC didn't stick their nose in other countries affairs where it doesn't belong! Since when did the USA become the worlds' policeman?
    Pay attention to the news and you'll find that there's a crisis that this Country "needs" to become involved in shortly after whatever current crisis becomes old news. If there isn't one abroad, then why not make one in our own backyard? That being said, it saddens me to say that it wouldn't surprise me one bit if one day down the road we learn that our own government had a hand in the Las Vegas shooting on October 1, 2017. I sincerely hope not though. What a tragedy that was.

  5. Communists did infiltrate America, look at the Frankfurt school and its various forms of media it produced and influence it had.

  6. You are such a likeable person! Don't let the expectations, criticisms, and very strong/narrow accusations of your brother determine how you think. Do not let his hesitancy to remain very close hurt you. Your real and relatable need for a strong and deep human connection is justified, and don't let the new places get you down. Everyone will learn to love Mike Chen, because it's super easy. I don't know how I picked up on this, but I thought that these words might help even though reading this might make you more self critical. Don't ask how Idk. Basically I could have just said "do you" lol.

  7. Funny he says believing Hitler lived past WWII makes you a foil hat wearing fool, guess what turned up in the "Kennedy" documents released recently – CIA report they were still looking for Hitler in South America in the 50's. Willful ignorance is the enemy of truth. The term "conspiracy theorist" was made derogatory in the 60's and 70's by the CIA. Ever wonder how the world got this messed up, it was by design and not by accident, ever wonder why it makes no difference which person is elected. Shakespeare said it the way it is when he said "All the world's a stage", and we are being "played".

  8. (((They))) want you to ridicule and ignore conspiracy theories. What (((they))) want is a population of submissive slaves.

  9. Its weak af to look at ur gov to protect u nd take care of u. Thats the type of mentality this western society has inspired in its citizens. We do not need a government. If u break down the word government govern-men to govern men. Govern basically means control

  10. Ya our government has done some ethically questionable things but I can't hate our government cause it's a known fact that a country with a government is far better off then a country without one

  11. Nope can't trust governments you can't trust relegus leaders the people must create kingdoms and taratory and pick decent people as leaders and pass power to only the trustworthy 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

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