7 CONSPIRACY Cover-Up Killings

7 CONSPIRACY Cover-Up Killings Let’s investigate a few of them, as spies, world leaders and even the Pope all feature in our list of seven conspiracy cover-up …




  1. Hitler, Died only a few years after the war had ended in Europe, he was taken by a Nazi loyalist supported by American interests, to somewhere in south western Africa via firstly plane, then ship, he was taken by air, by his most loyal officers to Australia. He left Australia and boarded a ship from Hobart to Antartica. He was killed in Antartica via bullet to head, Major Browning a British officer fired the shot. His body was taken to America and hasn't been seen since, he died Monday evening, June 7th 1948. Hitler was supported by Jewish families, who poured millions and millions of dollars into Germany to even build the army would have been impossible considering the current economy. The same families funded both sides, Hitler was a private in the army, how could he rule a country run by Aristocrats???? Jacob Rothschild has been excluded from English Aristocracy like his family started by Nathan Rothschild, a jew in English Aristocracy, I think not, so why would the German Aristocracy allow a low commoner to rule?????. This was the biggest shift in power the world has ever seen, from the oligarchy Monarchy powers of old, to an era ruled by banking and financial institutions. WW2 was the biggest scam the world has ever seen, killing off royalty and monarchs to be replaced by Jewish banking systems.

  2. Hitler's death hahaha that's good one do u really think America wouldn't hide him with his ability to use his mouth piece like he did why would America not use his insight to control the population what he was able to say and do with just words, think about it !!

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  4. Pope John Paul II had already been dead for six months when his death was announced. He was embalmed, strapped to a porter's trolley and fishing line attached to his hands (like a puppet) in order to fool everyone into thinking he was waving from the balcony

  5. When Hitler gained power he closed down all the German newspapers except the Zionist publication. Read a book called 'The Transfer Agreement'.

  6. You call a Russian leader psychopath typical Putin hater but what ever you say does not change my and lot of others view of him.As we say here drink some vinegar

  7. Anyone ever imagined the facial expressions George RR Martin would make while having sex? Like a sweaty, overweight, hairy Martin just sitting on a wooden chair with a petite girl riding him. Sweaty man boobs mmm..

  8. What about Vince Foster, Frank Olson, sec. Forrestal, sen. Paul Wellstone, Olof Palme, Portugal's PM and DM in 1980, Polish PM in 2010, JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, David Kelly…just to name a few…?

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  10. Papal ban on Freemasonry!! I guess no one read "The Mother Lodge" – Rudyard Kipling? "We'd BolaNath Accountant. An' Saul the Aden Jew. An' Din Mohammed, Draughtsman of the Survey Office too. There was Babu Chuckerbutty an' Amir Singh the Sikh. An' Castro from the fittin' sheds, the Roman Catholick." Kipling would know….he was a 33rd degree Freemason.

  11. Well if he didn't commit suicide then he either went back "home" to Austria (probably shaved and a wig) or he went to Switzerland under an assumed ID OR he lingered in Austria for a few years after the war and went to the USA under an assumed ID OR he was so ill that he checked himself into a sanitarium in Austria, Munich or Switzerland and probably died in 1946 or 1948.

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