1. Actually it sounds pretty bad. And not only 65days then all of the post rock genre. Live reproduction is mostly bad as they cannot reproduce exact studio sound (They mostly have too loud guitars, to much distorsion and so on). In studio, they use many electronic effects on thoose two things, so I supose it's kind of hard to reproduce that live.

  2. he's not speaking in matters of writing and production, he is speaking in terms of performing it and not being able to perfect the same sound

  3. So, what's the problem with loud guitars and distortion? can't you stand'em? I've seen bands like Mono, for example, and, indeed, had a lot of distortion and loud guitars… and was one of the best shows i've ever seen!! Also, a live interpretation doesn't need to sound exactly like the studio version to be good…so don't come with that bullshit!! ¬¬

  4. been listening for years, but only just realized today what the vocal sample in the first half of the song is. It's raekwon the chef from the wu-tang clan off their song C.R.E.A.M.: "running up in gates and doing hits for high stakes"

  5. No solo habían semillas
    en mí lengua
    También habían casas.
    To : Alex and Rita's third son.
    D.G. Valencia , Venezuela.

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