Hi SunRaes! Today were talking about Beyonce Conspiracy Theories! Thumbs up for more Celebrity Conspiracy videos!! More Conspiracy videos linked below.




  1. the last info about her twin pregnancy was right. Those were boys. And yes Emerald is the birth stone of Gemini. So she was giving hints.

  2. I love Beyonce! And when Blue Ivy acts like a diva it's so freaking cute! I love how Beyonce doesn't put everything out there and that why I respect her alot but these were interesting.

    Edit: just gonna say I don't really believe any of these😂 it's so funny how people can drag things out so far and make and twist them into something that it isn't and never was

  3. Before you read this it is 100% a joke and i love liza so much but you know how some singers have to make a sacrifice to get to the illuminati but what if all of liza koshys old jokes about Beyonce is a sacrifice to get into the illuminati cause now shes ridiculous famous!😂😂This is all a joke dont take it seriously

  4. I REALLY hope you see this comment!! You should get your thyroid checked out. I have an enlarged thyroid and it looks a lot like yours does and it’s probably nothing but just thought I’d give you a heads up so you can get it checked out because I never noticed anything wrong nor did I have any symptoms but my sister in law who is a nurse told me to get it checked out and she was correct. Like I said it may be nothing but I have to at least let you know on the off chance!

  5. That picture of Solange's son with B and Jay-z is suuuper cute and he's adorable. But.. it's freaky. I thought they had a realistic toy on their lap.

  6. I just started watching you and noticed you loooove crystals! You always wear one around your neck and have them (some very huge ones ❤) around your dwelling…..talk more about that!!! Makes me like you right off the bat😊

  7. Beyoncè Theories:
    1. Staying away from it, R.I.P. Joan Rivers.
    2. I think at the time, she had a surrogate with her first. Then her second, it was her, so all the fertility motifs photos are there.
    3. Okay. Someone call Sia.
    4. Maybe for marketing.
    5. I do not know, it is unlikely.
    6. Maybe, but people over thinking.

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