6 CREEPY Conspiracy Theories (RIP Childhood)

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  1. guys about the willy wonka theory. The movie isnt supossed to be realistic. I think its more about imagibation than trying to be real, but if your gonna apply logic to the kids deaths then you should apply logic to the rest of the movie. good luck explaining the part where they go into the tv screen

  2. The Harry Potter one (with Neville) is true. His grandma Augusta continuously forced him into the role of his father Frank who was her son. She wanted him just like her son (I.e. Gryffindor) and it took Neville growing a backbone in 5th year for Augusta to start seeing him as his own person. Its similar to everyone seeing Harry as James

  3. I've only ever seen the one with Johny Depp and at the end of that one you see the kids, don't you? I haven't seen the movie in a while.

  4. WAIT! Ya know how they say that JKR was writing the Harry Potter story on a napkin in a cafe? I always thought that she had written it on a napkin in a train! And I swear I heard her say that as well.

  5. When I was in elementary school (i was in 3rd grade) our theme was willy wonka and we did a play on it. I didn't want to but my little brother was in it (he was in 1st grade)

    No one cares ?

  6. You should do a video entirely on Spongebob! I mean, Mr. Krabs is essentially a cannibal, he eats and serves patties made out crab, and his restaurant is literally in the shape of a crab trap.  And on a completely unrelated note, somehow his daughter is a whale.  Wth

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