6 Conspiracy Theories That’ll FUCK YOU UP

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  1. fuck gender roles…. does that mean you believe in multiple genders because to let you know if you have a Dick you are a male if you have a pussy your a female your welcome

  2. In the Mandela Effect of "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" I remember it being like that, and also when I went to Disney when I was 4 years old, one of the workers at Disney said "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" so that Mandela Effect is super crazy

  3. Okay after I heard the white lighter theory i asked my mom & dad what color lighters they had. My mom said black & i was so relieved like this fucking big weight was off my chest. But , I asked my step dad & of course , he had a white lighter. I'm cursed now & I'm probably gonna die. I literally had a panic attack. Plus my mom & I are left handed ??

  4. I've gone to Disneyland like a MILLION TIMES!! The evil queen AT Disneyland ALWAYS said, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all." I went back a few months ago, and she says "Magic mirror,"?!?!

  5. I so want to be your friend, I found this really funny, but I've never heard of the white lighter conspiracy theory. That's pretty fucked up. And I know what you mean about the first theory I can't think of the example off the top of my head buff that shit does happen.

  6. I was told put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. That was just a saying but my dad said that is where it comes from in airlines.
    Also the oxygen masks that fall from the overhead is meant to get you high to calm you down. That's why it's says to put yours on first before helping you children…. YOUR CHILDREN! I actually remember this tip bit of information from "Fight club" the movie. After reading up a bit on it.. It's amazing to find out that it's fucking accurate! The mask pumps out enough oxygen to get you high!!! Google it…

  7. This is going to sound crazy. 1 week ago at school we were saying how we remember the berstein bears with an a instead of and e(at that time lots of people remembered it with an a and then it was an e). Tana even said it was that way when I watched this video in October. I go back and now it is in mordern day time with an a and people remember it with an e. So this to me is a Mandela affect on a Mandela affect. I don't know if I'm the only one that remembers it that way or not. So now i am tripping out

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