6 Conspiracy Theories Everyone Should Stop Believing Immediately

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  1. LMFAO!!!… WOW…. You assholes still think we went to the moon??!!…. better you than me… And no… Stanley Kubrick had nothing to do with it… He would have never fucked it up that bad!!… What a sad state of affairs

  2. Sorry, but STFU……………..the moon landings are the most obvious hoax in history; it's the year 2017, dump your American pride and use a minimum of reason.

  3. Your stance on vaccination is DEAD wrong. Research and understand what type of companies and people make these vaccines and what they have planned for the future. There may be science there in vaccines, but the way they are manufactured and administered, they can be considered an evil thing within an evil agenda. They care only about profits and power and they do NOT make money on healthy people.

  4. Sodium Fluoride is rat poison. It is PROVEN to hinder IQ and it is bio-accumulative so it builds up in bones and glands. It has toxic effects in the body. The dose CANNOT be controlled. In can be controlled in the tap water, but it is also in commercial drinks and products and so the amount consumed is based on the individuals diet and habits etc. It is an ethical violation to mass-medicate people without informed consent of the possible dangers and they do not do that with fluoridation. The people are completely uninformed. If you have big city water then there is a lot more floating around in that water than just fluoride too but they will never tell you. You can't keep people controlled and complacent if they know you are poisoning them or allowing them to be poisoned.

  5. My favorite conspiracy theory its that the earth is flat. I actually got in to a fight on Instagram with a bunch of people who really believe that the earth is flat. They think all the pictures of the earth is taken with a fish eye lens and thats why you see curvature

  6. Funny how these so-called conspirators who created these conspiracies are supposedly all-powerful and smart, and went through an insanely complicated chain of events which required a gigantic effort in order to make people believe in the conspiracy – and yet they're paradoxically stupid enough to leave "obvious evidence" everywhere any person with half a brain (read "enlightened conspiracy theorist") can find.

    How is that not the greatest contradiction in history?

    And this is why something that sounds unfathomably far-fetched, convoluted and downright bizarre always passes as a "reasonable explanation" (or the 100% truth) for any conspiracy theorist.

  7. would you like to append your climate change assertion considering how much information has come to light concerning the extent of data manipulation upon which climate science claims have been based?

  8. no, No, NO you freekin' nitwit!
    You Cannot see the "stuff" on the moon with a good telescope!
    You cannot see ANYTHING even with the Hubble, NOR with the Kecks,, NOR with any of the as yet unbuilt mega-telescopes planned here on earth. It's physically and mathematically impossible for any earthbound telescope to resolve anything as small as the items we left on the moon. Only recent lunar orbiting telescopes have just recently been able to resolve these objects.

    Also, you'd need a pretty powerful, preceisel modulated, and well focussed laser and some very sensitive receiving equipment to do the test you encouraged,…
    way waay waaaaaay beyond the means of all but the most ardent (and affluent) backyards astronomers.

    Srsly dude, if you don't know your stuff, you're not helping!

  9. Why are you telling people to buy a telescope so they can see? No telescope on this Earth can see the landing site. If you did 30 seconds of research before posting this video, you would know that. We had to send a lunar orbiter to spot the landing sites, and even then they were low resolution.

  10. This guy is such an idiot they should find a better shill he's so annoying cuz we know he's dumb but he's acting like he knows what he's talking about

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