6 Bizarre Gaming Conspiracies

Get your tinfoil hats ready, we dig deep through some of craziest gaming conspiracies so crazy you’ll leave questioning your entire existence! Subscribe to …




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    Get your tinfoil hats ready, we dig deep through some of craziest gaming conspiracies so crazy you'll leave questioningConspiracies

  2. I'd like to think Alex Jone's theory here is bullshit but it's actually somewhat plausible. It is a big can of worms that would require tons of research I think. Anyone have any leads? I've seen plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise, that gamers are overall less violent than many other groups and that violence has actually decreased overall since the advent of gaming. Any thoughts?

  3. Ok….maybe EA is a evil controlling entity. Fast forward to Super Bowl LI, the Falcons do the same exact 4th quarter fail/throw after being up by 20+ points!!! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn

  4. That's a badass idea. Training the public subliminally to make future killing machines, dark and kinda wrong but if you look at it a different way it's kinda cool. Reminds me of D.va sorta. Gaming army, ooh wat would be…even more horrible….

  5. Well I blew up Megaton, and then when Three Dog started talking shit about me, I creepily just waited for him to go to sleep and then Sandman killed him. Obviously I did this after I did the main story part in which you have to get Three Dog's help!

  6. so years ago, i was all really baked and stuff right? I thought about fps's being used for that same reason. Wonder what he was on.

  7. So the political Alex Jones is batshit crazy but in a weird way, he's kinda not too far off in terms of video games as a recruitment tool (not the other stuff he said about gov't planned desensitization). Anyone remember America's Army? A shooter in the early 2000's meant to do just that. Hell, I had a friend in middle school who got so into SOCOM that it made his life goal to be a sniper for the U.S. Army. And he did.

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