570 News – 9/11 “Conspiracy Theories”

The Jeff Allan Show, Red Friday 570 News, 09/10/10 Jeff wants to hear your 9/11 conspiracy theories. Email: jeff.allan@570news.rogers.com http://www.570news.com/listen/listenplayer/99827–11a…





    doesnt matter

    we can argue about falling buildings all day

    what no one can debunk is the Abundant Pre-existing geostrategic motive

    now look at what has transpired since 911 – from foreign to domestic policy

    How can any sane, thinking creature really deny the evidence of their own eyes?

  2. say it with me…… manhatton project!!! 1000 + people working on it…. and no one in the US knew about it!!! WAKE UP!!!!! this isnt hard to figure out!!!

  3. Jeff Allen, this is Kitchener Truth, you are on our "truth bomb" list now buddy. You will know the facts very soon so expect to be approached and asked to take some information on the events of 9/11. We will not be rude or hostile towards you and expect the same in return as we are peaceful people.

  4. well lets give Jeff's argument the benefit of the doubt…So it takes many months of wiring and explosives to bring those two buildings down…so if it's that difficult…then how did office fires do it in less than two hours? Not to mention the fact that they had people working on the "security system" and empty floors for months…People heard all kind of strange noises coming from the empty floors.I've also seen that you can paint thermite on the walls…which could be done in plain sight

  5. @manwello15
    Yes he is!
    Funny how he talks to his audience like they are mentally challenge all the while claiming the temperature of the WTC fires was equilvalent to the surface of the sun.

  6. Jeff Allan is Kitchener's Bill O'Reilly. He's an idiot that passes himself off as knowledgable. He's wrong all the time, and cuts off callers that correct him. He giggles like a goof at the very stupest calls that are right-wing, and cuts off or interrupts Liberals, let alone NDPers or Greens.
    570 runs Fox News shit all night long, and they think playing O Canada once a week makes up for all their Fox USA shit?
    Fuck off Jeff.

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