1. The last video he talks about is real… It's a "snuff" film as some people would call it. My brother in law's brother showed it to him and then tried showing it to me. Within the first couple of seconds I refused to see anymore, it was absolutely horrific and disgusting!! I recommend that if you find it in the web DON'T WATCH IT! It really will mess with your head even if someone did stage it. You have been warned.

  2. If you did not pause at the dead boy at the right time then search. “Squidwards sucide dead boy”
    Then you will find this red page with a boy shape lying down there you go <3

  3. Squidward… SQUIDward…. SQUIDWARD…. ill mannered octopus. Quaking in my boots. Naa for real love the content man, your a funny d

  4. There are some really sick sickos out there an there are people that really rape dears in the woods so it is possible for a humanoid creature to be lurking the woods…the name is Windigo

  5. If you look at 1:18, you can see a tv with Troy Bolton from High School Musical. That shot is from High School Musical 3, which came out in 2009, and Top 5 unknowns said this was in early 2005. Please explain that. Thank you.( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

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